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F-35 Mustang Concept To Be Auctioned

f35 concept

F-35 Mustang Concept To Be Auctioned

This fighter jet plane concept has been done on a few Mustangs over the years and now the 2015 Ford Mustang GT F-35 Lightning II themed concept car is the latest to show off the great new lines of the 2015 Ford Mustang GT. This car will push out the standard naturally aspirated 435 horsepower at the flywheel – but it is the really cool stealthy design and colors that will catch everyones eye when it is auctioned off for charity at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s annual Gathering of Eagles charity event in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Proceeds of the aution will go to a program that helps get young kids interested in aviation. We really like the colors used especially the yellow window tint, wonder if its legal?

F35 Mustang


f35 concept ford mustang



New 96-04 Mustang Throttle Intake From BBK

New BBK Performance 73mm Throttle Intake For 96-04 Ford Mustang GT


New 96-04 Mustang Throttle Intake From BBK

Take a look at the latest BBK Performance – 73mm Power Plus Throttle intake now available to fit all 96-04 Ford Mustang GT applications. The slight smaller diameter bore is recommended over the 78mm version for more horsepwer and torque for  lightly modified applications, that only have a cold air intake, cat back exhaust and maybe an underdrive pulley kit installed. This BBK 73mm throttle intake incorporates a high flow intake plenum and a larger 73mm BBK throttle body all in one great performing unit. The BBK Performance Mustang throttle body intake will create quicker throttle response and better acceleration. This throttle body will increase airflow to your engine adding more horsepower and torque to the wheels. All BBK Performance throttle bodies are CNC machined from high quality 356 aluminum castings to ensure perfect OEM quality and fit every time. Features die stamped throttle linkages double sealed bearings and o ringed throttle shafts. This throttle body is a direct fit replacement for a hassle free installation. BBK Performance throttle Bodies are designed and manufactured in the USA.

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The 2015 Pony Car Wars Are Heating Up


The 2015 Pony Car Wars Are Heating Up In Detroit

Now that Ford released their “Official” 2015 Ford Mustang specifications and performance details, here are the Official Detroit Muscle cars by the numbers and there are some interesting facts here that are quite surprising. First of all the big three pony cars are putting out more and more horsepower and torque every year while still getting better gas mileage and secondly the new 2015 Ford 5.0 Coyote engine is leading the pack under the hood horsepower wise beating out the Camaro 6.2L and 5.7L Dodge Hemi power plant. (see all the numbers below ) The other big announcement this week is the fact that the new soon to be released Dodge “Hellcat” will put out an insane 707 Horsepower.
These are how the numbers are shaping up so far in motor city:

The V8 Numbers
Right now, the 5.0-liter Mustang GT has the lead among Detroit’s V8 muscle cars in the power department, though there’s a caveat. The 435-hp output of the 5.0-liter ‘Stang is ahead of the 6.2-liter LS3 V8 Camaro SS, which is rated at 426 ponies. It’s also better than the 5.7-liter V8 Challenger R/T’s 375 hp.
But, it trails the 6.4-liter V8 used in the 392 Challenger, which makes 485 hp. Blue Oval enthusiasts could argue the 392 is a sort of “Hellcat Lite,” and not the GT’s true competitor.
The tables are turned in the torque department, as the V8 Stang summons 400 lb-ft, which is behind the Camaro SS (420 lb-ft), the Challenger R/T (410 lb-ft) and the 392 (475 lb-ft).
Of course, we’re just talking about the 2015 Mustang’s competition, and since we don’t know what’s in store for the SVT-tuned example yet, we’re leaving out any comparisons to the Camaro Z/28 and ZL1, as well as the previously mentioned, 707-hp Challenger Hellcat.

The V6 Numbers
Among V6s, the Camaro is the decided leader in power, boosting 323 hp, well ahead of the Challenger’s 305 hp and the now-detuned Mustang, which dropped to an even 300 hp this year.
The Blue Oval does pack the most torque among six-cylinders with 280 lb-ft, just ahead of the Camaro’s 278 lb-ft and the Challenger’s 268 lb-ft.
The Wildcard
Of course, we’re referring to Ford’s EcoBoost inline four-cylinder, which pushes out 310 hp and an impressive 320 lb-ft from a turbocharged 2.3-liter mill. Neither Dodge nor Chevy have anything similar in their current muscle car lines, and if there are any undecided potential buyers in this died-in-the-wool segment, it could prove to be a game-changer.

On The Scales:
The turbo four is also the lightest Mustang and the lightest car among these offerings from Detroit, weighing 3,524 pounds. The V6 ‘Stang is just two pounds heavier though, which puts it well ahead of the V6 Camaro (3,702 pounds) and Challenger (3,834 pounds).
This trend continues among the V8s, as the Mustang GT is 3,705 pounds – just three pounds heavier than the lightest Camaro V6. The eight-cylinder Chevy comes in at 3,908 pounds, which is still lighter than the Challenger’s weight of 4,082 pounds.
(source: Autoblog)

2015 Ford Mustang Specs Released



2015 Ford Mustang Specs Released

After much speculation Ford have released their official production power and weight specifications, along with some other production information. The New 2015 Ford Mustang is one of the most anticipated new car releases in recent history as Ford get set to sell the iconic pony car across America to the global masses. One of the most interesting engine options for us here at Brothers Performance is the new 2.3 liter inline 4 cylinder Eco-Boost that will pump out 310 Horsepower and 320 ft-lb of torque. Compare that to the V6 option that will produce 300 horsepower and 280 ft-lb of torque, pretty healthy numbers for both considering that 20 years ago the  5.0 V8 Mustangs were only barely pushing 225 Horsepower. Both engine options offer approximately the same power to weight ratio and actual front to rear weight distribution is Fords best ever for a Mustang and will be 52 front/ 48 rear, so both would appear to promise impressive performance and handling.

Our choice here would be the Eco boost option based on the relative ease of power improvements that this engine will offer. The twin scroll turbo promises quick throttle response across the RPM range by maximizing the exhaust pulse energy in a single turbo set up. This little four banger is already pushing out 135 horsepower per liter and we know that tuners and aftermarket manufacturers can’t wait to get their hands on this to see how much more power can be spun out of this potent addition to the Mustang line up.
The other engine option is the impressive and solid 5.0 Coyote V8 that is pretty much the same engine spec’d by Ford since 2011. Compression remains at 11:1 but the S550’s cylinder heads are redesigned for better breathing without the need expensive CNC porting and the intake ports are revised for larger valves. The camshafts that are now good for 13mm exhaust lift (even more that the Boss cams) and the Intake manifold has some modification and design revisions to the charge motion control valves that maximize combustion efficiency for better MPG.
We are excited to see the first road tests and featured articles in print and on TV/Youtube as soon as the first production Mustangs roll off the assembly line, and we will bring those to you here on our news blog – Check out the other specs and information released by Ford below.
2015 Horsepower & Torque:
Mustang Ecoboost: 310 hp, 320 lb-ft
Mustang V-6: 300 hp, 280 lb-ft – Looses 5 HP and Flat on Torque
Mustang GT: 435 hp, 400 lb ft – Gains 15HP and 10ft-lb Torque
( All Numbers are Flywheel based Numbers – Rear wheel numbers will be vary based on transmission installed in car – Manual transmissions deliver more rear wheel HP + TQ than Automatics based on additional power loss in the automatic transmission)
Mustang EcoBoost: 3,532 lbs (manual), 3,524 lbs (automatic)
Mustang V-6: 3,526 lbs (manual), 3,530 lbs (automatic) Gains 30lb in Manual trim and 12lbs in Auto Trim
Mustang GT: 3,705 lbs (manual), 3,729 lbs (automatic) Gains 87lbs in Manual Trim and 54lbs in Auto Trim

New 05-14 Mustang BBK Cold Air Tuner Combo Kits



New 05-14 Mustang BBK Cold Air Tuner Combo Kits are now available and in stock at Brothers Performance.

The BBK & SCT engineering teams have worked together over the past year dyno testing and writing tunes for the popular BBK Cold air Intakes, Throttle Bodies and Exhaust headers installed on 2005-2014 Ford Mustang GT models. All this hard work has now paid off and BBK has released their own tuner loaded with all the standard SCT power tunes etc found on their X4 tuner, but with the added bonus of including all the BBK performance tunes written for all their BBK performance parts. These tunes will provide the maximum performance, reliability and drivability for your 2005-14 Ford Mustang GT for any BBK parts you may have installed or be thinking of installing in the future saving you hundreds of dollars over a custom written tune.  So for those of you looking for a BBK cold air kit and wanting a tuner loaded with the most powerful tunes for the best aftermarket parts including all the BBK Performance parts, this is the kit for you. Pretty much anyone with a few basic hand tools can install one of these BBK Cold Air Kits – (Watch the video below and see how easy the cold air kit is to install on a 11-14 Mustang GT ) When you have finished your install and loaded your tune, you will be rewarded with an additional  19 horsepower and 30 foot pounds of torque  on 11-14 Mustang GT and 25 horsepower and 29 foot pounds of torque on 05-09 Mustang GT models – not bad for an hours work.

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  • Add 19+ Horsepower and 29+ Ft Lbs of Torque in Minutes to any 05-14 Mustang
  • Improves Throttle Response & Acceleration
  • Money-Saving Combo Kit
  • Includes Cold Air Intake & Tuner w/ BBK Tunes
  • Tunes Developed & written Specifically for BBK
  • Easy Installation
  • Various finishes available depending on Year

Brothers Performance Deland FL – July In Store Specials

Brothers Performance DeLand Florida In Store Specials July 2014
Central Florida Performance enthusiasts – take advantage of our July in store specials at our Deland Superstore & Installation center. (Click Here For Directions)Stop by the store and check out our huge showroom filled with performance parts and accessories for many of today’s hot American muscle cars and trucks – including the popular Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, Charger, Magnum and Chrysler 300 as well as Chevrolet Corvettes, F Body Camaro and the new Gen 5 Camaro. Truck enthusiasts don’t feel left out we have Cold Air Intakes, Performance exhaust, suspension, performance tuners and much more. Come and check us out and get a Free Brothers Performance Hat and get 20% off all selected in stock apparel. We can also show you the latest in exhaust performance technology – with the BBK Adjustable Performance exhaust mufflers – you adjust them to how loud or quiet you want them to sound – and how much extra horsepower you want to make.

We have direct fit 05-14 Mustang GT, 05-up Dodge and 2010 up Camaro Axle back exhaust kits that we are offering Free installation with any purchase through July 31st – Why not purchase a Dyno test to get a before and after result to see how well they really perform. We also have all our usual blowout specials available – Check out our full Florida Local Email Blast HERE – Sign Up for our email specials HERE. We have also just released the date for our Fall car show Saturday October 25th 10-4pm more information coming soon HERE

Mustang Week Starts July 15th

Mustang Week 2014 Myrtle Beach

Mustang Week Starts July 15th and is the premier Summer Mustang event on the East coast. It all starts tomorrow in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on and will feature five fun filled days packed with everything Mustang.  After the first day of registration and meet and greets is over, things will start to get serious on day 2 with a number of track events planned at various locations, that includes a track day at the Myrtle Beach Speedway that starts at 11am. There is Auto cross, Stifflers Speedway fun runs and an SVT Performance burnout contest at 8pm that night as well as something called  “Wheels of Destruction Thrill Show”
Day 3 kicks off at 9am at the Myrtle Beach Mall with a sponsored Dyno Shoot out,l followed at noon by a cruise from Hooters to the drag strip at Darlington that is followed by “Drag Night until 11pm
Friday’s event moves back to the Myrtle Beach Shopping Mall for the main car show that starts at 11am

The final day is the largest East coast Mustang cruise in again to be held at the Mall that starts at 10am and is followed by the car show awards and trophy presentation at 3pm

Full Program Details

Event Overview:

See some of the burnout contest from last year here in this video:


Watch How To Enter Our $1000 Shopping Spree


Watch How To Enter Our $1000 Shopping Spree


Watch our New Video on how you can qualify to be entered into our Brothers Performance drawing to win a $1000 shopping spree at our store.
We announced this contest a few weeks ago and we still have 7 weeks left to enter – all you have to do is sign up on our official entry page HERE and that’s it. There is no purchase necessary and any and all purchases made online or in our store will automatically be entered as well. (One Entry Per Household – yes we do check) You will even qualify if you stop by and purchase something at our Store in Deland Florida.
The Grand Prize is a $1000 credit to purchase anything that we sell at Brothers at our super competitive retail prices. This means you can buy a whole bunch of parts for a $1000 value or you can put the $1000 credit towards a big purchase like supercharger or full Eibach suspension kit for your car – that’s your call ! Some rules and restrictions do apply – open to all legal residents of the USA (18 years and older) Full Rules & Details Here

Goodwood Festival Of Speed Showcases 2015 Mustang



Goodwood Festival Of Speed Showcases 2015 Mustang

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is an annual car show and hill climb event featuring historic motor racing vehicles held in the grounds of Goodwood House, owned by the Earl Of March in West Sussex, England. The event started back in 1993 and features many popular attractions and thousands of historical vehicles from every era right up to modern formula one cars. The event also allows vehicle manufacturers to show off their concept and upcoming production cars as well. The Hill climb is a great place to showcase these vehicles in front of huge crowds of spectators numbering up to 150,000 on each day lining the hill climb course and millions of other viewers who watch from around the world on live TV. Ford used this years event to showcase the new 2015 Ford Mustang that is being launched in Europe later this year – take a look at how the new Mustang takes on the hill – sounds great !



2015 Mustang Will Debut Sync Plus 911

New 2015 Ford Mustang Sync Features

2015 Mustang Will Debut Sync Plus 911

911 Assist™ is a subscription-free emergency feature included in more than 7 million Ford vehicles equipped with SYNC® technology; with the customer’s consent, it helps connect vehicle occupants directly to a local 911 operator following an airbag deployment or if the fuel supply shuts off
Enhancements to 911 Assist, debuting on the 2015 Ford Mustang, will provide dispatchers with additional information beyond available GPS coordinates, including a crash description and safety belt usage
When introduced in 2008, 911 Assist was the industry’s first automotive technology to call 911 directly following a crash instead of relaying calls through a third party, saving valuable time
New Ford SYNC® 911 Assist™ features debuting on the 2015 Ford Mustang will offer emergency dispatchers more potentially vital information to better inform first responders en route to an accident.

“911 Assist uses a mobile phone connected to SYNC to call 911 directly when needed,” said David Hatton, global product leader and electrical engineer, Ford Connected Services. “With enhanced data, the system will provide even more detail about a crash to aid in the dispatch of the appropriate resources.”

For example, if a dispatcher knows that both front safety belts were fastened at the time of a high-speed collision, he or she may decide to send an additional ambulance directly to the scene. Safety belt monitoring varies based on the airbag systems in the vehicle.  Continue reading