1979-1993 Fox-Body Mustang Frame Connectors

1979-1993 Fox-Body Mustang Frame Connectors


If there is one, single modification that every Fox-body Mustang on the planet can benefit from, it’s a set of frame connectors. Yes, 1979-1993 Fox-Body Mustang Frame Connectors are a must-have item, especially if you plan on adding power or heading to the track. And BrothersPerformance.com stocks a few options, including the BBK Gripp frame connectors that are featured in the video and sell for just over $100.00!


Ford Fox-body vehicles were designed in the mid-1970s with a great importance on saving weight. America had just gone through a gas crisis and economy was on everyone’s mind. This meant the Mustang (and other Fox vehicles) was getting a compact design and the unitized Fox-body fit the bill. It allowed for the popular modified MacPherson strut front suspension that used a bolt-in stamped steel K-member, with lower A-arms, separate coil springs and struts that connected the spindles to the strut towers in the chassis. The front combined with a non-parallel four-link rear, where the springs ride on the lower control arms. This arrangement was very basic, using stamped steel arms with rubber bushings to connect the rear end housing to the chassis. Most importantly, the design enabled Ford (and Lincoln/Mercury) to use the chassis for a wide range of vehicles.


The suspension/chassis setup worked well for the time, but can be greatly enhanced for performance and longevity with aftermarket components. As horsepower or torque is added, the chassis will likely flex. A close inspection of a high-mileage Fox may reveal cracks in critical areas, such as the rear suspension pick-up points. Despite this, you can affordably stiffen the chassis of your Fox by adding a set of frame connectors.


An affordable option is the BBK Gripp Mustang Sub-Frame Connector kit. These frame connectors add strength to the structure and help resist flex. BrothersPerformance.com offers a variety of sub-frame connector kits for all 1979 to 2004 Mustangs.

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2 copy


The Gripp connectors are made from boxed steel and can be bolted in or welded for extra strength. And like we stated, they are a must for any on-track activities including drag racing, road racing, competing in autocross, or just driving your Mustang aggressively around town. Stiffening the chassis will also help to keep your Mustang aligned, and another bonus is that your doors and will open and close more smoothly.


BBK’s connectors come in a Charcoal gray metallic powdercoated finish that’s attractive and durable. And they are made right here in America.

Affordable Ways To Freshen The Fox-Body Ford Mustang



Affordable Ways To Freshen The Fox-Body Ford Mustang


Mustang enthusiasts are forever looking for Affordable Ways To Freshen The Fox-Body Ford Mustang, which was produced between 1979-1993. Whether you’ve had your Fox forever, or it’s a brand-new project car, you’ll want your Ford looking neat and tidy. And with over 20 years as a leading supplier of aftermarket parts, BrothersPerformance.com is your number one source for everything Mustang.


Despite being introduced in 1979, the Fox-body Mustang is still considered a late-model performance car. It was the first Mustang to be equipped with electronic fuel injection, which came in 1985/86 and the technology has moved forward ever since.







Fox Mustangs remain affordable and virtually all the parts, from bumper covers to driveline components, to door seals and interior trim, are available either as new old stock (NOS) or reproduction. It really doesn’t matter if you’re building a street machine, show car, race car or doing a restoration, the Fox Mustang fits the bill.


Recently, the team at Brothers Performance spent a few hours installing a new ACC carpet (which retails for about $129.00) in James Bickham’s 1990 5.0 LX hatchback. Bickam’s Fox sports a warmed-over 302 with a head, cam, and intake package, and it wears sparkling silver paint and aftermarket wheels.


His carpet, however, was shot. More than just beat up, it was worn through in one area, and had multiple stains and discoloring, too. Thankfully, the fix was easy. Brothers Performance stocks the complete line of ACC carpets for all 1979-2014 Ford Mustangs in a variety of color options. And Brothers also has a state-of-the-art installation center, so we are able to handle the job for you. Swapping your carpet isn’t overly difficult, but it will take an afternoon, some basic hand tools and a little patience. Like any cosmetic job, it’s best to work slowly, especially since you’ll need to cut and trim the new carpet for a perfect fit.


For a before-and-after look at our installation, be sure to click on the video link, which we’ve attached. I think you’ll be impressed with the results.

Headers Give Your Ford Mustang More Power

Headers Give Your Ford Mustang More Power—that’s a fact.

Aftermarket exhaust headers improve exhaust flow and cylinder scavenging compared to stock cast manifolds or tubular shorty headers. With that, most aftermarket headers (long-tube or short-tube) feature larger-than-stock and often longer primary tubes, and a performance collector design.


If this style header makes more power, why doesn’t the factory use them? Fact is, very few factory vehicles are equipped with an exhaust system that’s optimized for power. That’s because tubular headers are more expensive to produce and they generally don’t fit as tight to the engine, which would slow assembly at the factory.


And while every engine is different, a typical set of high-quality aftermarket headers, like those sold at BrothersPerformance.com can be worth 25-40 horsepower depending on your combination.


In this example, we installed BBK 1 ¾-inch long-tubes which feature 1 ¾-inch primary pipes that are CNC-mandrel bent, a thick 3/8-inch flange for solid sealing, and clean welds for strength and durability. In addition, they have a 2-bolt lower flange with a ball-and-socket collector so you never have to worry about old-fashioned header leaks. And all BBK header kits come with new gaskets, installation hardware, and detailed instructions.


If you’re Coyote is really pumping out the power, you should consider the larger BBK 1 7/8-inch headers. These are more suited for max-effort naturally aspirated engines, supercharged engines or nitrous applications. It’s important to mention that BrothersPerformance.com sells header and exhaust kits for all 1979-present Mustangs, including those with engine swaps.


When you make the move from shorty to long-tube headers, you’ll need a shorter mid-pipe. Fortunately, BBK Performance sells a dedicated X-pipe to mate its long-tubes to virtually any Mustang exhaust. BBK’s mid-pipes feature 3-inch Mandrel Bent Aluminized Tubing, oxygen sensor bungs. Unfortunately, they can’t be sold or shipped to California residents.


Simple modifications that compliment headers on a 2011-2014 Ford Mustang GT are cold-air kits, throttle bodies, flash tuners, gears and exhaust mufflers. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to click on the video to see how much power we gained with our 2011 Mustang GT test car.

Mustang is Still Rolling After 50 Strong Years

Mustang is Still Rolling After 50 Strong Years

The Ford Mustang has been around for 50 years—it’s been the talk of the automotive media now for months. There have been 50-year celebrations of great magnitude, Ford even recreated the feat of assembling a Mustang atop the Empire State Building in Manhattan. The cake-topper was the introduction of the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang. Yes, Mustang is still rolling after 50 strong years. In fact, it just keeps getting healthier.


Having a nameplate last 50 years, puts the Mustang in rare air. Other vehicles that survived half a century (or more) include the Porsche 911 (1963-present), Chevrolet Suburban (1933-present), Ford F-series truck (1948-present), Ford Thunderbird (1955-2005), Corvette (1953-present), okay we know there was no ’83 Vette, and the original Mini (1959-2000) to name a few.


From its humble beginnings, Mustang has grown to become a world-wide icon and a timeless item for pop culture. There are hundreds of Mustang clubs, web forums, dedicated websites, magazine and even aftermarket companies, which specialize in Mustangs. Ford Mustang currently has over 8 million Facebook followers and Mustang is one of the most commonly modified vehicles. Mustangs have graced the silver screen, you can find an endless supply of Mustang toys, collectibles, RC Mustangs, even bands sing about them—who can forget Vanilla Ice’s drop-top 5.0? The power of Mustang will just grow stronger with the announcement of Ford’s new Global Performance Team.


Racing history has been covered in countless books, too. The Ford Mustang is unrivaled on track, as they have won races all over the world. And Ford’s racing involvement continues today, as Mustangs can be seen winning in NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA, NASA, NMRA, NMCA, World Challenge, and there are thousands of weekend warriors who bracket race, autocross, or compete in time trials or open track events. You can even buy a Cobra Jet or Boss 302 racecar straight from Ford. And let’s not forget how popular Mustang have become in Drifting.

Of course other Ford models like the Fiesta compete in Rally, its Daytona Prototype Sports Car program is very strong with the Roush-Yates twin-turbo EcoBoost engine, and rumor has it that Ford will return to Le Mans with a new Supercar very soon. Mustang fans will soon get a new Shelby model, the GT350 and an “R” model is likely to be announced soon. Ford also recently announced plans to sell the Focus RS world-wide.


Through the years, the Ford Mustang has remained affordable, it possesses style, performance, and has a racing pedigree that is historical. Just look at social media— everyone wants to be the “first” to do something with a Mustang. According to Ford, over 50 years, of the more than 9.2 million Mustangs that have been produced and sold, most of them originated close to Ford’s home base in Dearborn, Michigan. And I think many will be around celebrating 100 years of Mustang.

Ford Introduces New Global Team and 12 New Vehicles




Ford Introduces New Global Team and 12 New Vehicles


It’s no secret that Ford is taking a global approach to performance. It’s introducing the iconic 2015 Mustang to customers worldwide, and Ford Introduces New Global Team and 12 New Vehicles through 2020—including the much-anticipated Focus RS—to be available globally.

Ford is finally uniting it’s wide array of regional performance engineering and racing teams as one global team, which will fall under the Ford Performance umbrella. This team will deliver to enthusiasts more new vehicles and parts, and do so in quicker fashion than ever before. New vehicles include an all-new Focus RS that will be available to customers in major markets around the world for the first time. And we’re anticipating the announcement of a Shelby GT350 “R” at the Detroit Auto Show this winter.

“Ford remains committed to innovation through performance,” said Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development. “Our new global Ford Performance team ties together racing, performance vehicles and parts. It will allow us to more quickly introduce products and accessories that meet the needs of customers around the world on-road and on the track.” Focus RS, which builds on a pedigree of driving excellence dating to the first Ford RS in 1968, was last introduced in 2009.


“To earn the RS badge, the vehicle has to be a no-compromise driver’s car that can deliver exceptional performance on the track when required while providing excellent every day driving,” said Nair.


Current performance vehicles from Ford include the Fiesta ST, Focus ST, Shelby GT350 Mustang and F-150 Raptor. Not to mention the EcoBoost Mustang and Mustang GT.


This is all part of Ford’s “One Ford” plan for profitable growth, and to ensure product excellence and innovation across the board. Of course, the performance models will excite enthusiasts, but there’s so much more. Currently, performance vehicle sales are growing around the world. Ford stated that sales are up 70 percent in the United States and 14 percent in Europe since 2009 in the performance segment.


Ford’s hugely popular ST lineup, is a hit with a wide range of buyers, as it delivers an phenomenal driving experience, plus economy, at a price point in the mid-$20,000 range. Additionally, Ford claimed that in the United States, more than 65 percent of ST customers made the switch from other brands, and more than 50 percent of Ford performance vehicle owners’ next vehicle purchase is a Ford. It also stated that Millennials are purchasing ST vehicles at a rate twice that of other Ford-branded vehicles.


The heart of the ST lineup is the award-winning EcoBoost® engine family. Amazingly, Ford has produced more than 2 million EcoBoost engines globally since 2009. “EcoBoost is a strong example of how we are migrating technology and engineering across our lineup, ensuring our vehicles are fun to drive—not just our Ford Performance lineup,” said Nair. “From our most nimble Fiesta to our hard-working full-size pickups and racing vehicles, our lineup benefits from the innovations we deliver at the track and at the limit.”


On the track, the 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine powers the IMSA TUDOR Championship series racecars, including a record-setting Daytona racing prototype sports car. The team also designed the soon-to-be-released Shelby GT350 Mustang. It features aerodynamic innovations developed through Ford’s investment in racing that were applied to help downforce and cooling.


Ford understands that racing provides a proving ground for cultivating passionate engineers—allowing them to innovate in top-level competition as they face challenges that require successful solutions in very compressed time frames. This trickles down, and is passed on to every Ford and Lincoln product.


New Global Team

According to Ford, the new Ford Performance organization unifies Ford SVT, Team RS and Ford Racing globally, serving as an innovation laboratory and test bed to create unique performance vehicles, parts, accessories and experiences for customers. This includes developing innovations and technologies in aerodynamics, weight reduction, electronics, powertrain performance, and fuel efficiency that can be applied more broadly to Ford’s product portfolio.


The Global Team will utilize racetracks around the globe to develop new vehicles and technologies at Ford’s engineering centers—including the new technical center in Charlotte, North Carolina. That fully modern facility will help deliver racing innovations, as well as advance tools for use in performance vehicles and daily drivers alike.


And Ford enthusiasts will be excited to learn that the Ford Performance organization is led by Dave Pericak, who has been appointed director, Global Ford Performance.

2015 Mustang Convertibles Will Ship This Week






2015 Mustang Convertibles Will Ship This Week


Fans of open-air driving will be keyed up to hear that the 2015 Mustang Convertibles Will Ship This Week to dealers. The 2015 Mustang is marching forward with terrific sales and the convertible models will add to this impressive launch.


Like coupe owners, drop-top enthusiasts of the Ford Mustang can select between the V6, 310-horsepower EcoBoost and 5.0L Coyote engine, along with the selection of trim packages. Ford is also making heated seats and remote start available. This allows the all-new Mustang convertible to be enjoyed year-round, even in the chilly climates. Further enhancing cold-weather driving are selectable drive modes that features a snow/wet setting that tunes your Mustang to perform well in inclement weather conditions.


“Cold weather may have come unseasonably early this year, but with available heated seats, remote start and selectable drive modes with a snow/wet setting, Mustang is the perfect offering for the season,” said Melanie Banker, Mustang brand manager.


“Heated seats, which is standard on all Premium Mustang convertibles, allow the driver and front passenger to stay warm even when the temperature drops. While these seats also have a cooling feature, we suspect customers won’t be using this function for a few more months,” added Banker.


Another great piece of technology, Remote Start, will be standard on all automatic-transmission Mustang models. This allows customers to start the engine from the comfort of your home or office, or as you approach your car. According to Ford, when remote start is used, Mustang not only warms up its engine, it also warms the interior of the car to a comfortable temperature.


“Mustangs are made for year-round practicality and enjoyment,” Banker said, “so it’s exciting that customers are taking delivery of their convertible Mustang models—regardless of the season.”


Many Mustang owners crave additional performance and personalization. And Brothers Performance is your number one connection to the aftermarket. We stock your favorite parts and your favorite brands. So be sure to browse our site and check out our great deals.

BBK Clutch Cable and Quadrant Kit


BBK Clutch Cable and Quadrant Kit.

How’s your clutch? Not so good you say. Well, our team at BrothersPerformance.com can help. If you’re driving a 1979-2004 Ford Mustang, your clutch may need attention—or your clutch activation system my just need a tune-up. That’s okay, BrothersPerformance.com offers this BBK Clutch Cable and Quadrant Kit that will have you shifting like a pro.

When you press the clutch in any 1979-2004 Ford Mustang, you activate the clutch cable. The cable “pulls” along a mechanism under the dash called a clutch quadrant, and ultimately creates a pull at the clutch fork. The clutch fork manipulates the throwout bearing, which presses on the clutch fingers to disengage (or free) the clutch disk. This disconnects the engine from the driveline in order to let you stop the car without stalling, or to change gears.

Over time, the clutch cable and the factory quadrant wear down and lose their effectiveness. In extreme cases, the cable can actually fail, preventing you from operating the clutch altogether. If this happens you’ll be stuck. But more often, cables simply stretch, thus prevent full disengagement of the clutch disc.

This normally happens over time, so you may not notice that your cable is beginning to fail. More often than not, the clutch will still work, however, when it only partially disengages, the result can be worn syncros in the transmission, or accelerated wear on the clutch disc. Of course, most aftermarket clutches have stiffer-than-stock fingers for extra clutch grip, and this puts even greater load on the cable.

Naturally, the solution is a new high-performance set-up. BBK’s Clutch Cable and Quadrant Kit includes everything you’ll need to give you amazing clutch-pedal feel, plus the strength to prevent future failures. The kit comes with a direct-fit OEM-style hard-cased aftermarket cable, an aluminum clutch quadrant, and an aluminum firewall adjuster to give you control over clutch release. Your release point is now easily set by turning the adjuster that mounts under the hood. That’s right, you no longer have to crawl under the car to adjust your cable!

BBK offers kits for 1979-2004 Mustangs, along with a full line of Mustang clutches. This kit is suitable for your daily driver, or racecar. Consider one as a service replacement or any time you’ve installed an aftermarket clutch.

Win a $1,000 Shopping Spree from BrothersPerformance.com


Win a $1,000 Shopping Spree from BrothersPerformance.com

Turn your dreams into a reality by entering our BrothersPerformance.com Win A $1,000 Holiday Shopping Spree. Now’s the time to sign up and best of all, NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Simply click the supplied link, fill out the form, and hit submit. That’s all it takes to have a chance at winning this amazing Shopping Spree.

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For over 25 years, BrothersPerformance.com has been your number-one source and one-stop shopping destination for all late-model performance products. We are your EFI experts, supporting all late-model American brands such as Ford, Dodge, GM, Jeep and SRT. You can shop securely and safely on-line anytime, or contact our award-winning customer service and technical support departments.

Located in Deland, Florida, Brothers Performance has a fully stocked retail Showroom, which is open Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. We carry your favorite aftermarket brands and performance parts, including cold-air induction kits, headers and exhaust systems, clutches, intake manifolds, cylinder heads, wheels, flash tuners, throttle bodies, brake kits, suspension, restoration components and so much more.

Additionally, Brothers Performance features a state-of-the-art installation center, Dynojet chassis dynamometer and a qualified technician to handle all performance installations.

The Win a $1,000 Shopping Spree from BrothersPerformance.com contest is now underway and will run until December 31st, 2014 at midnight EST.

Be sure to browse our website and check back often for great deals, plus information on our East Coast Car Shows that feature free dyno runs, exhaust sound-off contests, music and amazing discounts on hundreds of items. BrothersPerformance.com Car Shows provide a great time for the entire family.

As performance enthusiasts, we understand your needs. We appreciate your business and look forward to showing you what the Brothers Performance team can do for you and your favorite project car. Our goal is to offer unrivaled personal customer service and complete satisfaction.


Fox-Body Mustang 5-Lug Swap


Fox-Body Mustang 5-Lug Swap


Since their introduction in 1979, Fox-body Mustangs (and the Capri cousin) have been a blank canvas for performance modifications. And one of the most popular additions is a new set of wheels. Aftermarket wheels help you personalize your Stang—but truth be told—you be limited if your Mustang has the stock 4-lug setup. Fortunately, BrothersPerformance.com makes it easy for you to upgrade with the Fox-Body Mustang 5-Lug Swap.






With the exception of the rare 1993 Cobra R, all Fox Mustangs were equipped with 4-lug rotors and axles from the factory. The 5-lug swap kit from Brothers Performance adds strength and gives you the opportunity to pick the most modern wheels for your Ford Mustang. Chances are your Mustang is ready for new rotors and drums anyway, so you can service your Stang and upgrade at the same time.







Brothers Performance Fox-Body Mustang 5-Lug Swap kit includes new front rotors from Centric (with new bearings and studs), and new 28-spline TEN-brand axles with bearings, seals and studs, which are stronger than stock and feature a 10-year warranty. You also get new rear brake drums, plus two quarts of Redline gear lube and a bottle of Ford Racing Performance Parts friction modifier. The extra lug per corner helps to spread the load, and of course the TEN axles increase durability.


When it comes to Mustang wheels, there are far more options in the 5-lug configuration. Enthusiasts recognize that 5-lug wheels offer improved looks and performance. This swap is especially important for racing. And once you check out the Fox-Body Mustang 5-lug Swap kit, you’ll want to browse our wide selection of Mustang wheels.







Additionally, this is a great DIY project that you can complete in an afternoon or a weekend. When doing the swap, we recommend new brake pads and shoes, and new lug nuts won’t hurt either.


This kit does not fit 4-cylinder or Cobra models. Note: Kit can be used on 4-cylinder and 1979-86 V8 models if 1987-93 V8 model spindles, struts, and calipers are used.





2015 Ford Mustang, Escape, and Explorer Hit Record Sales

2015Mustang_t5e8357(1) copy

2015 Ford Mustang, Escape, and Explorer Hit Record Sales

This past November was pretty good for Ford Motor Company. The 2015 Ford Mustang, Escape, and Explorer Hit Record Sales, and the Dearborn-based automaker totaled 187,000 vehicles for November, which is down two percent from the previous year.

According to Ford, the slight drop was anticipated, because Ford is closely managing inventory levels as vehicle availability starts growing for the all-new Ford Mustang, F-150 and Transit models.

The 2015 Ford Mustang flew past the 8,000-vehicle mark in November, selling 8,728 units. And in Mustang’s largest markets, which are Texas and California, retail sales increased a whopping 46 percent and 76 percent, respectively! This should come as no surprise, as the Mustang community impatiently awaited the arrival of the hot 2015 Mustang.

Social media has exploded with owners posting quarter-mile times, show awards and the various modifications they have made.

The Ford Mustang offers a wide range of choices, including the V6, the 310-horsepower EcoBoost, the 435-horsepower 5.0L GT and the 500-plus horsepower Shelby GT350 that Ford recently announced. And we’re pretty sure Ford is set to announce an “R” model of the GT350 this winter. The rumor mill is about spilling over with talk of the next supercar, the question is whether or not it will carry the Ford GT moniker, or another fancy name?

“Our all-new Mustang is moving quickly off dealer lots,” said John Felice, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service. “Mustang had its best November sales in eight years and is turning in just eight days on dealer lots, on average. Escape saw record sales for November, while Lincoln sales continue gaining momentum, with the brand posting its best sales since 2007.”

Ford’s popular Escape is doing great, as sales jumped 22 percent versus 2013, with 25,528 vehicles sold. This represents the vehicle’s best-ever November performance. A total of 14,949 Explorers were sold, marking a 13 percent increase and making this the best November performance since 2004.

Lincoln pumped out 8,113 vehicles, which provided a 21-percent burst—it’s the brand’s best November in seven years. Ford reported that Lincoln MKC sales represent its second month above the 2,000 vehicle mark, with 2,152 vehicles sold as it continues to strengthen the brand overall. The biggest percentage came from the new Navigator, which was up 88 percent with sales of 1,433 vehicles, and this is Navigator’s best November sales since 2007.