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2015 Mustang GT Gets A Line Lock

If you are a weekend track guy then you are in for a suprise when you take deliverey of your new 2015 Ford Mustang later this year. The new 2015 Mustang GT gets a line lock a new feature that will help you warm those tires before you launch down the drag strip, yes it comes standard with a Line Lock, which we all know as burnout control. The intention of Line Lock is for track use only and it can be found in the Track Apps suite, this is definitely a great addition to an already fun car and please do not confuse it as something to be abused by hooligans on public roads to try and impress their friends before crashing into a line of trees. What a line lock does is to lock the front brakes fully while leaving the rear brakes disengaged. This allows the rear wheels to turn as you accelerate and give you a perfect smoky burnout every single time, with white smoke and testosterone shooting off the rear tires and money rushing out of your wallet for new tires every month.


Mustang 50 Years Later At Flushing Meadows

Flushing Meadows 50 Years later

Ford Mustang fans and company executives gathered the Mustang 50 Years Later At Flushing Meadows Park in Queens, N.Y. yesterday to celebrate 50 years of the iconic sports car that debuted on the grounds of the 1964 World’s Fair. In addition to the all-new 2015 Mustang, 94 cars from New York-area Mustang clubs were brought to the plaza in front of the Unisphere, where Moray Callum, Ford vice president of design, chose a 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang fastback as best in show.
“It’s a great feeling to be here at Flushing Meadows 50 years to the day after Ford unveiled the original Mustang at the 1964 World’s Fair,” said Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, global product development. “Seeing the devotion that owners put into caring for these amazing classic Mustangs reinforces why we put so much passion and effort into making the all-new 2015 Mustang great.”
Visitors to the World’s Fair on April 17, 1964 were among the first in the world to see Mustang on display at the Ford Rotunda pavilion. That same day, Americans stampeded into Ford dealerships to buy a Mustang. By the end of the day, more than 22,000 Mustangs had been purchased or ordered, a breathtaking start to one of the greatest product launches in history.
“Standing where my grandfather, Henry Ford II, stood to reveal Mustang five decades ago is both humbling and inspiring – especially since we are launching the next 50 years of Mustang at Ford Motor Company,” said Ford Vice President Elena Ford, leader of the Global Dealer and Consumer Experience organization. “Since then, Mustang has become the heart and soul of Ford Motor Company, and a symbol of my great-great-grandfather Henry Ford’s vision of putting the world on wheels.”After walking among the 94 classic Mustangs brought out by club members, Callum narrowed the selections down to these three:
• 1965 Mustang K-Code convertible, owned by Teresa and Steve Kronred
• 1971 Mustang Mach 1 fastback, owned by Steven Chernow
• 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang fastback, owned by David Davidson
“Great sports cars are living, breathing machines that reflect both their drivers and their creators,” said Callum. “Like a living organism, they must change and adapt or become extinct, and that evolution is on display today, showing how Mustang has adapted while retaining its essence.”
Callum chose a blue 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang fastback owned by Davidson as best in show. Davidson was presented with a unique prize, a Ford design studio model painted Race Red and used to evaluate exterior colors. Following the presentation, it was personally autographed by Elena Ford, Nair and Callum.
“I’ve owned many Mustangs over the years, but I’m just amazed to get this honor from the Ford design team,” said Davidson. “I’ve owned this GT500 for three years and it only has 40,000 original miles. It’s fantastic to drive.”
“Mustang has an incredibly rich heritage, and as we celebrate 50 years at Ford, we are focused on making the next 50 years even better,” said Nair.

Free Cars & Coffee Mug Giveaway

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2015 Mustang Built On Top Of The Empire State

It Snowed in New York City last night but they still managed to put a 2015 Mustang Built On Top Of The Empire State! Its April people and its still snowing! Ford Motor Company are recreating this Mustang launch event for the second time. Getting a 2015 Ford Mustang convertible to the narrow observation deck of the Empire State Building 1,000 feet above the streets of Manhattan is no easy task. Here’s how the crew got ready. Watch this cool timelapse video and see the guys and gals battle the elements as they bolt this 2015 Ford Mustang together for the Reveal that happened earlier this morning on national TV – Watch the Video Below . These Mustang birthday celebrations are going on accross America.

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New 50th Anniversary Mustang


Click the Title Of this Story Above To See Full Photo Gallery
The New 50th Anniversary Mustang Limited Edition builds on the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang GT fastback and will be available in either Wimbledon White or Kona Blue
There will only be 1964 Special edition Mustangs released for sale this fall and they will come standard with nearly every available option the only choice customers have to make is color, and manual or automatic transmission. “When Mustang was approved for development more than 50 years ago, I don’t think anyone imagined it would spawn such a dedicated base of fans around the world and still be in production today,” said Bill Ford, executive chairman, Ford Motor Company. “We are thrilled to be here in New York – where Mustang was first shown to the public at the 1964 World’s Fair – to re-create that historic event for today’s Mustang enthusiasts.”

Based on the all-new 2015 Mustang GT fastback with performance pack, the 50 Year Limited Edition is designed to provide customers with outstanding performance and a unique appearance that will be instantly recognizable on the road. The only options for the 50 Year Limited Edition are the choice of two exclusive colors and a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. See our Spy Shots of this car taken earlier this year here

50 years of Mustang

50 years of inspiration
“The new Mustang blends a muscular, contemporary shape with design cues that define it as quintessentially Mustang,” said Moray Callum, Ford vice president of design. “The 50 Year Limited Edition adds details that set it apart from other Mustangs, while hearkening back to the 1965 original.”

The only two available colors are Wimbledon White, like Mustang serial No. 0001 that was first sold to Capt. Stanley Tucker in April 1964, or Kona Blue. Both are exclusive to this limited-edition car.

“Chrome trim was much more prevalent on cars in the 1960s than it is today, so we added some discreet highlights for the grille, side glass and tri-bar taillamps,” said Callum. “The darker Kona Blue provides a particularly striking contrast against the chrome.”

Chrome bezels surrounding the base of each of the three taillamp blades take inspiration from the original 1962 design proposal by Gale Halderman that became the basis for the production model that debuted in 1964. The three individual lamps on each side of that design were combined into a single tri-bar lamp cluster for production, but the original concept has returned five decades on. The Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition will be the only 2015 model with the large faux gas cap badge on the rear fascia, with 50 Years added to the GT designation.

Another visual element that won’t be found on any other Mustang is the louvered rear quarter-windows. Unlike the external louvers on the quarter-windows of the 1965 fastback, the new windows are comprised of layered sheets of glass built with a construction technique uniquely developed for this car.

Mustang 50th anniversary interior

Unique cockpit experience
From behind the wheel, drivers will know they are driving a very special car. The aluminum trim panel that spans the double-brow instrument panel gets an axel spin finish different from other 2015 Mustangs, plus a special serialized 50 Year Limited Edition badge on the passenger side. Each badge will be individually etched at Flat Rock Assembly Plant where Mustang is built.

The limited-edition is the only 2015 Mustang with a cashmere-stitched, leather-wrapped steering wheel. The stitching is also used on the instrument panel, shifter boot, center armrest, door inserts and seats. The seats feature exclusive two-tone cashmere and black leather upholstery, and the Mustang 50 Year logo on the seat backs.

Limited-edition cars will be equipped with loop-carpet floor mats with cashmere stitching and suede binding not available on other Mustangs.


A showpiece meant to be driven
“Mustang fans love to drive their cars, even the rarer examples of the breed, so we built this limited-edition from the best-performing 2015 Mustang available – the GT fastback with the performance pack,” said Dave Pericak, Mustang chief engineer. “While some collectors will undoubtedly stash this car away in a museum, those who choose to hit the open road will get a world-class sports car that can run with the best.”

Powered by the upgraded 5.0-liter V8 engine delivering more than 420 horsepower and 390 lb.-ft. of torque, every 50 Year Limited Edition will be equipped with the Mustang GT performance pack that includes massive six-piston Brembo front brakes and 19-inch alloy wheels with high-performance Y-speed-rated Pirelli P-Zero summer tires.

The 19-inch alloy wheels feature a unique Y-spoke design inspired by the chromed steel wheels that were offered on the original Mustang 50 years ago. The front wheels are 9.0 inches wide with 255/40R tires, while the staggered rear wheels are 9.5 inches wide with 275/40R tires.

The 50 Year Limited Edition is the only 2015 Mustang that will be available with a combination of an automatic transmission and the performance pack. When equipped with the six-speed automatic transmission, the Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition will get a limited-slip rear differential with a 3.55:1 final-drive. Customers who opt for the six-speed manual will get a Torsen differential with a 3.73:1 final-drive ratio.

The 50 Year Limited Edition car will be among the first 2015 Mustangs built when production begins later this year. Each of the 1,964 50 Year Limited Edition Mustangs will get a unique owner’s guide in a leather portfolio with the 50 Year badge on the outside.

“We wanted to provide our most dedicated fans with the emotion of the original Mustang in a 21st century car,” said Ford. “With this 50 Year Limited Edition, I believe we have accomplished our goal.”

Las Vegas Mustang Celebrations Get Underway

Las Vegas Mustang Celebrations Get Underway

8 News NOW

If you are going to be in Las Vegas this week enjoying the Mustang 50th anniversary celebrations at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway do not miss this party at Shelby American. The Shelby factory is hosting a Shelby Vegas bash, which will lead into the Mustang 50th birthday celebration. The event is from 7 to 10 p.m. Friday, April 18. Online tickets are gone, but there are some limited tickets available for purchase at the event. Tickets are $75. For more information, go to As you may have seen in our previous story here on the Brothers Performance blog the Shelby American facility is factory and a museum, and it brings out the motor heads from all over the country to come and visit the facility. “There are literally thousands of cars already registered for this event,” Gary Patterson said. Patterson used to race cars. Now, he oversees the operations at Shelby American and helped move the factory and museum from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway closer to the Strip, closer to tourists. “They’re here because they want to come to the Mecca of Shelby. This is where the world headquarters is, so this is where they come,” Patterson said. This Mecca is expected to have its busiest Mustang pilgrimage ever this week. People of all backgrounds are getting a chance to celebrate the birthday of the original American-muscle car and the Shelby Muscle car originally built in Venice CA. and now built in Las Vegas. We hope everyone has a wonderful week enjoying the festivities across the country. Happy 50th Birthday Mustang.

How Will A Mustang Will Go Up The Empire State Building

How Will A Mustang Will Go Up The Empire State Building? Thats quite an unusual question and quite a task to undertake, well this week the world will honor 50 years of Ford Mustang, what better way to celebrate one of the most iconic car brands than putting one back on top of one of the most iconic buildings? Recreating what Ford did in 1964 – they will once again be putting a 2015 Ford Mustang convertible on the narrow observation deck at the top of the Empire State Building 1,000 feet above the streets of New York City. It will not be an easy task and they only have 5 hours to get the job done. Watch this video Ford released today and see how the crew are getting the car ready for the trip up some very small elevators, it is quite a feat. See the crew cutting the car into 6 pieces they test fit the pieces into mock elevators in the R&D area so they dont run into any issues when they are under that 5 hour window – there can be no mistakes – it has to fit and get up to the top of the Empire State – one and done !

Tremec Transmission Upgrades For Your Ride

Here it is the The king pin of TREMEC’s high performance transmission line up, the T56 Magnum double over drive 6 speed transmission takes the very best from TREMEC’s current OEM technologies and pairs it with the most popular features of the all business TKO 5 speed. Able to withstand a massive 700 lb ft. of torque, while providing unbelieveably crisp shifts, no other manual transmission on the planet offers as much combined strength, versaltility, and general ease of use as the T56 Magnum. This TTC / Tremec transmission is a world class transmission in every respect, it’s the best transmission on the market for those who will accept nothing less! If this is overkill then take a look at what else Tremec has to offer.

All Tremec transmissions are available Here from Brothers Performance and they are all shipped to your door with FREE Shipping anywhere in the continental USA. Tremec Transmission Upgrades For Your Ride. Continue reading

Mustang Madness At The Petersen Museum Los Angeles


Mustang Madness At The Petersen Museum Los Angeles is coming up quickly. As most Mustang lovers know, their favorite pony car is turning 50 next week and celebrations are happening accross the country the whole month of April and into May. The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles CA is hosting Mustang Madness Saturday & Sunday May 3rd & 4th which will be a weekend of festivities that will include what else but a all-Mustang car show, a sneak peak of the 2015 Mustang before it hits the showroom floor, tours of the Mustangs Forever: 50 Years of a Legend exhibit, live interview sessions with “Mustang Heroes” and fun for the whole family with food tents, live music, a huge play area and museum scavenger hunt for young children.
World champion drifter and founder of Mustang RTR, Vaugh Gittin Jr. will appear on Inside the Motoman Studio on Saturday, May 3 at 10:00am and will sign autographs for fans afterwards and on Sunday, May 4 at 11:00am Beau Boeckmann, President of Galpin Auto Sports will be interviewed Inside the Motoman Studio.
The Car show will be at the Petersen on Sunday, May 4 from 10:00am – 2:00pm. and will feature Bob Fria with the first Ford Mustang, Hollywood Hot Rods’ Troy Ladd and his custom Mustang, Pure Vision’s Martini Mustang and get this both Eleanor cars from the movie Gone in 60 Seconds will be in attendance and you will be able to watch both movies in the Petersen Museum during the day – 11am The 1974 version and at 2pm the most recent 2000 movie. It will be a fun day out for the whole family all day for the kids there will be a 1,000 square-foot bounce house, CXC car racing simulators and a fantastic Petersen Museum Scavenger hunt aswell as  live music, food and drinks.
Participants are encouraged to meet at Galpin Ford at 7:00am for a cruise to the Petersen and will end the day at 4:00pm with three cash prizes, including $500 for People’s Choice Best in Show. Henry Ford III presenting the Ford Heritage Award at 2:00pm.

Click Here To Register for the Show - Registration fee includes two tickets to the museum and a goody bag

Ford Racing Power Up 5.0 4V Engine & Control Pack

Ford Power Up Promo

Check out this new Ford Racing Power Up 5.0 4V Engine & Control Pack deal. Ford Racing’s all-aluminum 5.0L Mustang crate engine is a modern 5.0L 32-valve DOHC V-8 that uses advanced features like Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT) to deliver 420 horsepower @ 6500 rpm and 390 ft.-lb.+ of torque @ 4250 rpm (with premium fuel). The lightweight aluminum cylinder block features cross-bolted main bearing caps and thick main bearing bulkheads for bottom-end strength. Optimized oil drainback and windage control improve high-rpm performance. These features make this engine and control pack ideal for any “swap” project. This lit is ideal for any retro mod or even a Coyote swap in any year Ford Mustang – this is a real plug and play comination and best of all now through May 31st 2014 this kit is available from Brothers Performance at a very special price that saves you nearly $1500 and add to that FREE Shipping. If you are thinking about geting this great power combination now is the time – take a look at all the specs below, they will help you make a final decision and tell you that this is the best engine choice for your upcoming project. Check Out The Special Savings Here


Ford High-performance 5.0-liter, four-valve Ti-VCT engine
420 horsepower @ 6500 rpm
390 ft.-lb.+ of torque @ 4250 rpm
Displacement 302 cu. in.
3.63 bore x 3.65-in stroke
Aluminum block
Forged steel crankshaft
Forged steel connecting rods
Hypereutectic aluminum pistons
Aluminum cylinder heads, DOHC, four valves per cylinder, Variable intake and exhaust camshaft timing
8qt capacity oil pan
11.0:1 Compression ratio
Tuned composite intake manifold provides efficient air delivery and weight savings
80 mm single bore “drive by wire” throttlebody
Mustang GT 409 stainless-steel tubular exhaust manifolds – See BBK Coyote Swap Long Tube Headers Here 
Includes manual transmission engine harness and flywheel
Ford Racing’s NEW wiring, PCM and installation kit M-6017-A504V is included and has been designed for street rod/project car installation.


Designed to run the M-6007-M50 and M-6007-A50NA 5.0L 4V Ti-VCT crate engine with manual transmission.

Includes PCM with Ford Racing calibration
Includes Electronic Throttle Control accelerator pedal eliminates throttle cable routing problems
Unique controls pack harness replaces stock body harness and is designed for street rod installation
Features OBD-II diagnostic port to assist in vehicle calibration upload and problem diagnosis
Includes power distribution module, air box, inlet tube, MAF sensor, and HEGO sensors
PCM with Ford Racing calibration requires return type fuel system, will not work with returnless fuel system
NOTE: Installation of this PCM in a 2011-2014 Mustang GT will result in a no-start condition.

Does not include alternator, for alternator kit see M-8600-M50BALT
5.0L Mustang engine cover kit available, see M-9680-M50
Use Oil Line Adapter M-6881-M50 for applications requiring oil filter relocation
Engine mount bosses and bellhousing mount pattern common to 4.6L modular engines.
Photo and specs may vary. These features apply for engine code EG-397-AA. Engines are this build code or newer while supplies last.
Engines built after 8/8/13 are equipped with a water pump using a 3-bolt pulley pattern.
Engine weight: 444 lbs
Take the complexity and mystery out of wiring a late model 5.0L 4V Ti-VCT engine!

Download Engine Dimensions PDF Chart Here

Check Out The HotRod Magazine Installation Article & Guide Here