Mustang Mayhem at Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction

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Mustang Mayhem at Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction


Barrett-Jackson recently held its 45th Annual Collector Car auction, and Brothers Performance was on hand to check out the action. Our team was there to see all the Mustang Mayhem at Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction, held at WestWorld in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The nine-day celebration went from Jan. 23-31, and Barrett-Jackson filled its docket with more than 1,500 rare and collectible vehicles. “My father, Russ Jackson, and his friend, Tom Barrett, started the auction with one auction and a few select cars,” said Craig Jackson, chairman and CEO of barrett-Jackson. “More than four decades later, Barrett-Jackson has become the premier collector car auction company for enthusiasts around the world. Of course, our 45th anniversary is as much about our future as our past and that’s why we continue to bring new assets to our events,” said Jackson.

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The 45th Anniversary Scottsdale Auction included a host of exciting activities, events and exhibits over the week. Kicking off the week was the Cox Family Value Day on Saturday, January 23, with free admission for children under 12. The Opening Night Gala, a renowned event held at each of Barrett-Jackson’s four annual auctions, was on the 25th. Registered bidders, consignors and sponsors received invitations to the gala.

As much State fair as it is a car auction, the nine-day auction, offered the Ride ’N Drives and Thrill Rides with Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge, as well as a massive vendor marketplace, live music on select evenings and dozens of food and beverage options. Plus, we took in all the latest in performance from Ford, Ford Performance, Dodge, Chevrolet, Roush Performance and Shelby American. This included the new RST 511 hp EcoBoost Roush Ford Mustang and the brand-new Terlingua Race Team that was introduced at the show. We also spotted many celebrities including Aaron Shelby, Jay Leno, Ken Block, Richard Rawlings of Fast and Loud and the legend Burt Reynolds.

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And in addition to the miles of classics, we spotted all types of late-model muscle, with the main feature being the Jack Miller collection of 38 late-model Mustangs, including rare Stangs from Roush, Shelby and Saleen.

New to the 45th Anniversary Scottsdale Auction will be the Experts’ Symposiums held throughout the week. Here, enthusiasts can get an idea about what to look for when buying a car and hear from Barrett-Jackson’s team of experts. This team works at each event to help review certain high-end and rare cars that may be represented, by the consignor, as having matching numbers or documented with show provenance. The symposium schedule will be announced and available online as the auction approaches.

“This 45th anniversary celebration will represent the ultimate automotive lifestyle experience and the most incredible environment of its kind,” said Steve Davis, president of Barrett-Jackson. “The amazing docket we are building for the 45th anniversary will be a milestone in Barrett-Jackson history.”


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GM Pleased with Massive Demand for 2016 COPO Camaro

Force Copo

During an event to show their new Performance and Racing Center in Pontiac Michigan, GM announced that they had over 5,500 people try to order the limited production 2106 COPO Camaro.

Force Copo Main

The COPO Camaro can be set up for NHRA Stock and Super Stock Classes, depending on what options you choose. It features a race-ready chassis and a solid rear axle for maximum grip at the dragstrip. Engine options include 5.7L, 6.2L and 7.0L based V8s that are designed, built and tested right there at the Performance and Racing Center.

Force Copo Front

Sadly, only a handful of those interested will be able to purchase these low-volume production race cars. Just like the last 4 years, 2016 production will be limited to 69 cars. Keeping the numbers so low when there is clearly demand might seem a bit silly but Jim Campbell, Vice President of GM Performance Vehicles and Motorsports says the low production numbers keeps the interest high for collectors and pointed out that enthusiasts also have the option of building their own COPO by ordering a rolling chassis. A home-built COPO certainly won’t hold the high collector value that factory-built ones do.

Force Copo Rear

WannaGOFAST Half-Mile Shootout

WannaGOFAST Half-Mile Shootout


Ocala, Florida was the place to be January 23-24 as gearheads put the throttle down at the WannaGOFAST half-mile shootout and Brothers Performance was there to capture the action. The WannaGOFAST shootout is an all-out performance extravaganza featuring side-by-side top-speed racing where fans can watch the best cars in the world ellipse 200 mph in a legal race. The WannGOFAST event is open to all types of cars and the goal is simply to accelerate the length of the half-mile course to achieve the highest possible top speed. We’re all after speed, so be sure to check out our unlimited selection of performance parts to see how you can maximize horsepower and speed for your late-model performance car. We stock everything you’ll need for Dodge, Chevrolet, Ford, Jeeps, SRT vehicles and so much more.


The race was held at Jumbloair Airport, a private strip and community. The runway is long, super wide and provides enough room for racers to wring out all the horsepower their cars and trucks can muster. “All of our participants will be given a chance to take their vehicle’s top speed down Jumbolair’s private 7,550-foot runway and race door-to-door against the competitor of their choice,” said Blake Hutchison, president of WannaGOFAST.





This is an event with no restrictions or speed limits, and tech inspection is really simple. As far as we could tell, just a safe car and a helmet were all that was needed to get on track. In fact, we saw a wide range of vehicle types, from stock Mustangs and Camaros, to fully modified American and imported machines, including the finest a Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren and Lamborghini exotics. The fastest run of the day was performed in a twin-turbo Lamborghini that went 220 mph! WannaGOFAST restricts each event to 150 cars per day to give drivers the most amount of passes and racer must pre-register online prior to the event. Amazingly, registration for this event sold out in 12 minutes.

This is the first of six events, with the others taking place in Hot Springs, Virginia; Clayton, Georgia; French Lick, Indiana; and Sulphur Springs, Texas.













  • Overall Exotic/Import
  • Overall Domestic
  • AWD
  • Naturally Aspirated
  • RWD
  • FWD
  • Manual Transmission
  • Four Door

• Heavyweight – Vehicle curb weight must be greater than 4,000 lbs. (Curb Weight based off OEM Manufacturer’s Ratings)

Shelby Announces Terlingua Racing Team Special-Edition Ford Mustang

Shelby Announces Terlingua Racing Team Special-Edition Ford Mustang

REVan Media Shelby-10


Shelby Announces Terlingua Racing Team Special-Edition Ford Mustang, a 750 horsepower powerhouse designed to encompass world-class performance both on street and on track.


Shelby American of Las Vegas will build 50 Terlingua Racing Team Mustangs that will take the S550 chassis to new levels of performance. “The Shelby Terlingua is our most track-inspired Mustang, and is built as a tribute to the Terlingua Racing Team and their 1967 Trans Am Championship,” said Gary Schechner, VP of Marketing and Sales at Shelby American.



Mustang enthusiasts may remember the limited-edition V6 Terlingua Mustang in 2007, designed to replicate the Mustangs created by the Terlingua Racing Team in the 1960s. The Terlingua Racing Team of Texas as headed by Carroll Shelby and Bill Neale, and the gang would head down to the 200,000-acre ranch and spend their time on motorcycles, hunting and of course racing. The inspired men also created a technical school for young men in the region of Texas.

REVan Media Shelby-08

REVan Media Shelby-07


Returning to the Terlingua Mustang is the popular jackrabbit logo designed for the original Terlingua Ranch and a supercharger to boost power. “We start with a Whipple supercharger mated to the new 5.0L V8 Mustang GT producing over 750 hp and give it an exclusive Shelby-by-Eibach sway bar and adjustable coil-overs,” added Schechner. “Then we bring in Ford Performance upgrades including half-shafts, a short-throw shifter and the aggressive sounding Borla Exhaust with black tips. We also added the Brembo Big Brake kit for racetrack-proven performance. And with 20-inch Weld Racing wheels, tons of Shelby-designed carbon fiber components and the distinct Terlingua Racing Team badging, this car looks and runs like a Terlingua racecar should.”


Schechner also told Brothers Performance that each of the 50 models will carry an autograph plaque of Bill Neale (a Terlingua founder and designer of the racing team crest), Carroll Shelby and Jerry Titus, the 1967 Trans Am Champion winning driver. Shelby will offer the Terlingua Mustang starting at $65,999.


REVan Media Shelby-02

REVan Media Shelby-04

REVan Media Shelby-05

REVan Media Shelby-06

REVan Media Shelby-03

REVan Media Shelby-09

“The Terlingua Racing Team was created in the 1960’s to have a lot of fun for a lot of people,” said Bill Neale, designer of the famous Terlingua Racing Team Crest. “Our rough and ready group was as passionate about playing as we were about racing. From our wild weekends on the Rio Grande in South Texas to racetracks across the world, the Terlingua Racing Team took no prisoners. The team crest and racing livery that I designed came to symbolize that raucous, irreverent lifestyle that thumbed its nose at the establishment.”

Gen6 Camaro Wars



As I previously reported, the Gen6 Camaro had been on the street less than a week before Russ Harrison had already run 10s. Well, Russ and the crew at B&R Performance certainly weren’t done. The 2016 Fireball Edition Camaro swapped to a set of ported heads, aftermarket cam and MSD Atomic intake to accomplish the same feat naturally aspirated. A 10.95 at 127mph on motor was impressive enough, but that was just a warm-up for what was about to come next. With a full bottle and the Nitrous Express kit armed, the LT1 giggled its way to a 9.91 at 138mph at Tulsa Raceway Park. Once again, Calibrated by Karger was responsible for tuning using HP Tuners software. With a few more tries, the crew whittled it down to a 9.83, but not without breaking an axle. Low 1.4-second sixty-foot times with Mickey Thompson drag radials were too much for the stockers.



Of course the folks at RPM Motorsports in Garner, NC weren’t going to let Russ have all the fun. RPM’s Gen6 Camaro shop car was loaded up with a similar combo – ported LT1 heads, Lingenfelter camshaft, Kooks headers and exhaust, MSD AirForce intake, Mickey Thompson drag radials mounted on Weld Racing wheels, and a Nitrous Outlet LT1 wet plate kit for good measure (also a 150-shot). On the dyno the combo made 500-rwhp and 451 lb-ft of torque on motor. Its first trip to Fayetteville Motorsports Park yielded a 10.00 at 137mph with a 1.54 sixty-foot. A week later the crew returned and the track was a bit stickier. RPM’s 2016 Camaro is right on Russ’s heals at 9.84 at 132mph. The sixty-foot was down to 1.48 with the automatic-equipped Gen6.



While the other two cars are looking to improve on those times and work their way to the 8s, Howard Tanner at Redline Motorsports has been working away on his Gen6 Camaro to skip all of those in-between steps. Redline’s Gen6 is the first to be turbocharged, thanks to a custom fabricated system with Comp turbos and a custom air-to-air intercooler. A TiAL wastegate, blow-off valve and AMS-2000 control boost. Using a stock motor with an MSD Atomic intake, the combo made 657hp and 633 lb-ft of torque on pump gas. But wait, there’s more! A stroker motor is already in the works for this bad boy, and Redline won’t rest until they are well ahead of the pack.


New NMCA Class: COPO vs. Cobra Jet vs. Challenger

COPO Camaro

The National Muscle Car Association (NMCA) has just announced that it will pit the Big Three’s drag-spec muscle cars against each other in a brand-new racing class. Factory Super Cars revives the rivalry from the ‘60s, pitting the Ford Cobra Jet against the Chevrolet COPO Camaro and Mopar Challenger Drag Pak in 2016. Pro Stock-style, heads-up drag racing among the three nameplates will be held at all six NMCA events for the first time. The full rules can be found on the NMCA’s website, and include both the supercharged and naturally aspirated combinations – the latter of which receive a significant weight break. Both combinations are expected to exceed 160mph in the quarter-mile.

Cobra Jet

“To have all these specialty race cars in one class and to do it heads up for the first time is going to be a whole lot of fun for racers and spectators alike,” said Rollie Miller, NMCA General Manager. Rollie stated that between the Cobra Jet Showdowns and Index classes, they’ve had their share of all three at various NMCA and NMRA events. No doubt this went a long way to convincing the NMCA that there was a need for this class. Starting at the March 10-13 race at Bradenton Motorsports Park (Bradenton, FL), racers and fans will have the opportunity to see all three cars square off. The class winner will be named at the NMCA Awards Ceremony at the end of the year, and both the winner and runner-up of each event receive trophies, payouts and inclusion in the NMCA Pro Contingency program.

Challenger Drag Pak

If you are not familiar with the Cobra Jet (2008-present), COPO (2012-present) and Drag Pak (2010-present), all three are factory-built racecars built to compete in various drag racing classes. The NMCA is the latest to give the three a home, but specifically the late model variants. “NMCA is bringing this to the track not only for the manufacturers, but for racers and fans. This new class is going to crown the ‘King of the Quarter Mile,’” said Curt Collins, COPO Marketing Manager. “Ford racers are highly competitive among themselves, but nothing brings out their highest performance like racing against our cross-town competitors,” said Jesse Kershaw, Ford Performance Drag Racing Parts and Competition Manager. Dale Aldo, Mopar Motorsports Marketing Manager concluded, “We look forward to following this new race series and wish the series and racers a great 2016 inaugural season.”


For the full schedule of events or more information, check out



2017 Ford Fusion Sport to Offer 2.7L Twin Turbo EcoBoost V6 and AWD

2017 Fusion Sport

Ford Fusion has long been doing battle with the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry for a share of the mid-size sedan market. With the announcement of the 2017 Fusion Sport, Ford has obviously upped their game. The new Fusion Sport will be equipped with a 2.7L EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 sending 325 horsepower and 350 pound feet of torque to the pavement via all wheel drive. That’s nearly 50 horsepower and 100 pound feet more torque than its competitors.

2017 Fusion Sport Front

Fusion V6 Sport adds continuously controlled damping for real-time suspension tuning, allowing it to adapt to a wide variety of deriving conditions. The system features pothole detection technology that instantly softens the shock absorbers to greatly reduce the impact transmitted to occupants. Power and handling are complemented by unique, performance-inspired styling inside and out. The look is sporty with an aggressive exterior with deeper air intakes and a gloss black-finish mesh grille, 19-inch wheels, rear spoiler and dual twin exhaust outlets.

2017 Fusion Sport Rear

Besides the massive boost in performance, the 2017 Fusion Sport will be available with a host of next level gadgetry including Pedestrian Detection Technology, Lane-Keeping Assist, Hands-Free Parking and the all new SYNC 3 communications and entertainment system. SYNC 3 features faster performance, more conversational voice recognition, a more intuitive smartphone-like touch screen and easier-to-understand graphical interface. SYNC Connect, optional with SYNC 3, enables owners to remotely start their car, schedule future starts, or lock and unlock the car using their smartphone.

2017 Fusion Sport Interior


Ford Performance Parts Announces 2016 Mustang Body-In-White and Competition Kit




Ford Performance Parts Announces 2016 Mustang Body-In-White and Competition Kit



Ford’s latest Mustang has been a huge success on the street and on the track. And on the heels of the 2016 Cobra Jet Mustang reveal at SEMA, Ford Performance announces 2016 Mustang Body-in-white and Competition Kit at the Performance Racing Industry trade show. The BIW comes painted and includes enclosures and a rolling cart for easy transport. The Competition Kit includes the BIW and adds factory exterior trim, interior trim, and select suspension components.


“Some race car builds can be challenging to start with a factory assembled car. A bare body provides an ideal platform for customized builds or back-halved cars”, said Jesse Kershaw, Drag Race Parts and Competition manager. “The body-in-white is the perfect starting point for racers with a donor vehicle, or step up to the Competition Kit for the rest of the factory hardware.”


Many racers use the kits to build Cobra Jet Mustang to compete in NHRA, NMCA and NMRA competition, but they also make a perfect foundation for a road racing open track or bracket drag machine. This lets you really build your project Mustang from the ground up.


According to Ford, the BIW and Competition Kit are sold for off-road use only and come serialized for collectability. And while the kit includes many of the parts to get you started, you’ll need to add your own powertrain, gauges, wiring and electronics. And that’s where the team at Brothers Performance can help. Brothers Performance offers everything you’ll need to modify your current S550 2015-present Mustang, as well as anything you’ll need to build a Ford Performance Body-In-White.


Be sure to check out our endless selection of horsepower-enhancing parts, BBK exhaust systems, plus wheels and tires, gauges, seats, fittings and much more.


  • Body-In-White (BIW) is all-new production body for race car builds
  • Sold for off-road race competition only
  • BIW comes painted white and includes hood, doors and deck-lid
  • Competition Kit includes most factory parts and hardware required to build a drag race Mustang


M-607100-S550 – 2016 Mustang Body

$7995 MSRP

Available for order 1st quarter 2016


M-607100-M8 – 2016 Mustang Competition Kit

Pricing, final specs and availability to be announced 1st quarter 2016

Ford Releases Snowkhana 4 Video Featuring Focus RS

Ford is continuing their series of holiday themed videos inspired by the popular Ken Block Gymkhana video series. The newest installment, entitled “Snowkhana 4: Ho Ho Hokhana”, features not only many recognizable characters from popular movies but also the new Ford Focus RS.


Previous episodes featured classic looking stop-motion video with a miniature version of Ken Block’s rally prepped Ford Fiesta HFHV in the starring role. The miniature Fiesta returns for this episode but is now mixed with some live action sequences featuring Santa at the wheel of the Focus RS. Santa even finds himself being pursued by the North Pole Police, but easily evades capture thanks to 350 horsepower and all-wheel-drive.


First Gen6 Camaro In the 10s

First Gen6 Camaro in 10s

Russ Harrison had taken delivery of his 2016 Camaro SS just four days prior to running 10.62 at 128mph at Tulsa Raceway Park. I’m not sure that Chevrolet would call this proper break-in procedure, but racers and hot rodders are a different sort. Russ and the crew at B&R Performance in Oklahoma City, OK planned to hit the ground running with a list of modifications before heading to the track. To get the most out of the new direct-injected 6.2L Gen V LT1 and 8-speed auto, James Karger (of Calibrated by Karger) tuned the factory computer. Using a set of drag radials and skinnies mounted on Weld Racing wheels, Russ went 11.77 right off the bat. Things escalated quickly from there. Planning ahead, B&R installed a nitrous system. Seeing as though the Gen6 had just hit the streets, B&R and Nitrous Express started with the C7 Corvette plate kit with a stand-alone fuel cell for nitrous enrichment. Race gas was dumped into the cell to fend off detonation. With jetting for a 150-shot, the red Gen6 became the first to run 10s, clicking off a quick 1.55 sixty-foot in the process.



Well, that escalated quickly. But anyone familiar with late model Camaros would have expected as much. Many big shops have just gotten their hands on the Gen6 as well, so you can expect this record to be broken soon enough. In the mean time, Russ, B&R and CBK will not be standing by idly. Ported heads and a camshaft are in the works to push this car into the single digits. According to Karger, the purpose of the project is to serve as R&D for a Fireball Edition Camaro, which “will be a package that delivers supercar performance out of GM’s most recent pony car offering.” Stay tuned!

First Gen6 Camaro in 10s 2


First Gen6 Camaro in 10s 3


First Gen6 Camaro in 10s temp tag


First Gen6 Camaro in 10s at the line