First 8 Second 2015 Mustang

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First 8 Second 2015 Mustang

..We just heard that Calvert Racing and suspension located in Lancaster California now has the has the nation’s first 8-second 2015 Mustang! This is a purpose built S550 racer and the first to run in the 8-second zone thanks to an 8.97 at 151.66 mph pass at Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, California last weekend in in 100 degree heat. This 2015 Ford Mustang is powered by a Whipple-supercharged Super Cobra Jet 5.0-liter powerplant that successfully powered Brent Calvert’s 2014 Cobra Jet. Built by Jones Engine Development and controlled by Holley EFI, this engine produces ample power for 8-second e.t.’s. Its power is channeled by a Turbo 400 automatic with a Reid Racing case. Out back, the team at Calvert Racing adapted and installed a Ford Performance three link live 9″ axle with some fabrication that worked very well in their S197 Cobra Jet to really plant the Hoosier slicks off the line.
Looks like the 2015 Mustang e.t. wars are heating up again. The latest Mustang has only been on the streets for about a year, and racers are already talking about 7-second e.t.’s. We can’t wait to see who makes the next move.
Update: Rumors are that this may be Ford Performance Racings test mule for the 2016 Cobra Jet Car – guess we will soon fine out – Stay Tuned.

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How To Order Your 2017 Ford GT

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How To Order Your 2017 Ford GT

The new 2017 Ford GT is set to become one of Ford’s most desirable and collectable cars in recent years. We know that it will feature a full carbon fiber body and that it will be powered by a 3.5 liter turbo charged engine making upwards of 700 horsepower in its final trim. Production is set to start at Ford’s dedicated facility in Markham, Ontario in late 2016 and at this time production is set to only 250 cars a year.

Ordering one of these “American Exotics” may prove to be a challenge this time around and will not be a simple matter of going to a dealership and laying down ridiculous wads of cash on the salesman’s desk. Oh no this time around you will have to be pre-approved just to place an order for one!

Ford will set up a process where prospective owners can apply to purchase a 2017 GT; when and IF accepted, buyers will then be led through a special ordering procedure to be completed at a Ford GT–certified dealership nearest to them.

This means that each customer, should their application be accepted (we believe longtime Ford owners or those who bought the last GT will have an upper hand), will be paired with a specific car before being personally walked through a special ordering sequence. Ford is discouraging dealers from accepting deposits as there is no guarantee prospective buyers will have their application accepted – doing it this this way Ford say can rule out any disappointment or discontent.

Applications are expected to start being accepted in early 2016, details on that exact experience are still not available but will be forthcoming, and we imagine that it’ll be quite special, especially given how Ford plans to build just 250 GTs per year.

The final MSRP for the car is still up in the air—as is the number of dealerships selected to sell the GT—but we know the new supercar could cost as much as $400,000 plus!

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Is The Barracuda And New Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Set To Return


Is The Barracuda And New Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Set To Return

With the 2015 /2016 Mustang and Camaro moving closer towards sports car territory and the industry’s current shift away from naturally aspirated, large-displacement engines in favor of smaller forced-induction motors with fewer cylinders, the modern muscle car as we know it may be a disappearing forever.

We think not – This week Fiat Chrysler Automobiles conducted a major dealership event in Las Vegas where they supposedly announced some new vehicles and teased some redesigned offerings to dealers. All these announcements are meant to be tip-top secret, they’re leaking out left, right, and center of course.

The Fiat Chrysler Automotive Group are telling dealers that all of the vehicles shown at the Vegas gala will be in showrooms within 12 to 24 months, and that the product offensive will include at least 30 new or significantly refreshed models.

To us this all sounds very ambitious for the FCA group, lets see if it really happens – if it does it will be a big shot in the arm for Dodge and for Muscle car enthusiasts across America – lets take a wait and see approach – For now the raw power of the Big American Muscle V8 is here to stay and recently our European friends let that be known, when the pre order numbers were released last week for European orders of the 2015/2016 Ford Mustang and they showed that the V8 engine option was by far the most popular choice – even where they are paying $15 a gallon for Gas!!

We will of course update any news right here on the Brothers Performance blog – Stay tuned.


Unleashing the Shelby GT350 On Track


Unleashing the Shelby GT350 On Track

Finally, the time has come, I’m standing inches from the 2015 Shelby GT350 and Ford has handed me the keys. I’d waited for this moment for months, and now I stood there, at the world-famous Laguna Seca road course, and in moments, I’d be unleashing the Shelby GT350 on track.

The Shelby GT350 dates back to 1965, when racer and car builder Carroll Shelby modified Ford’s Mustang to go Corvette hunting in SCCA sports car racing. The GT350 was a smashing success and slowly Mustang began winning race after race. The mystique of the Shelby Mustang grew, riding high on race wins and gorgeous Shelby models that followed the original. Today, the next chapter of Shelby performance begins, not only in the hearts and minds of enthusiasts, but in the 2015 Shelby GT350 and the GT350R.




Thanks to years of success with boosted Shelby GT500s, Ford fans have become accustomed to an abundance of power in the beloved Shelby. Ford’s wheels began turning in 2003 with the SVT Cobra making 390 hp, but by 2014, output climbed to a ridiculous 662 horsepower and 631 lb-ft of torque. But in a gutsy move, Ford took a decidedly different approach to performance, eschewing the blower for the GT350.

“We looked at using a blower,” said Jamal Hameedi, chief engineer at Ford Performance. “But we’ve done that before and there’s a lot associated with supercharging. We’ve always pushed the envelope of technology and wanted to do something really cool,” he added, speaking of the flat-plane crankshaft in the 5.2L engine.

Strapped to the GT350, I depressed the clutch, pressed “start” and that flat-plane crank spun into action. The quad exhaust came alive and the 5.2 Voodoo settled into a rumbling idle. It was my turn to take on Laguna and the famous Corkscrew. Cameras rolling, I let it loose and 50 years of Mustang heritage and glory rolled on track.




I poured it on from the start, applying lots of throttle and the GT350 came alive with vigor. And while fast and loud, it’s refined and very, very fast. After only a few corners I felt like I was in a prepped racer, not a daily, if you can call a GT350 a daily. It’s hunkered down, and all the feedback is pure goodness.

While the Mustang GT with the Performance Pack is a capable track car, the GT350 is a track monster. Steering, brakes, engine, suspension, offer precision like a surgeon and this makes the car incredibly easy to drive at speed. There’s just on drama, even when you push a bit too hard. It’s amazing hot it all gels and it does so with the engine screaming past 8,000 rpm and when you’re is such a daunting place as the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca.


Laguna Seca is a wonderful track for this car, not just because GT350s have raced and won here for so long—but because it’s sweeping corners, long straights and rises and dips let you reach deep into the 5.2L engine’s powerband and it is a sweet song when that thing revs. I took it to 8,250 rpm every chance I got, and the sound was glorious. I want an MP3 version of the engine note to play on constant loop. Approaching a corner is no problem. The GT350 hauls from speed with great control, and the fully independent suspension is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. This is the stuff legends are made of, especially the Magneride suspension.

Ford has once again branched Mustang performance in a direction that will keep the competition chasing. We hope there are many years of Shelby GT350 production, because this is a car thousands of enthusiasts will want.

2016 Shelby GT350 Informational Video

Brothers Performance Shelby gt350

If you read our previous story on the Brothers Performance blog news by Evan Smith you will have seen the first 2016 Shelby GT350 roll off the assembly line at the Flat Rock assembly plant. So now it is poised to be shipped to the nation wide dealers and it seems that Ford is sending them all kinds of GT350 swag that will been passed down to owners and enthusiasts.

Take a look at this thirty minute video posted on YouTube a few days ago that shows information about all the components used to build the all new 2016 GT350. This 2016 Shelby GT350 informational video that contains all manner of information from the new 5.2L flat plane crank V8 to the suspension, brakes, etc.  If you are lucky enough to have one of these track beasts on order, this is a must-watch that will help ease the anxiety of your wait. If you do not have one on order or you never anticipate owning one – It is a still MUST watch and drool video for any Mustang fan!


Official Job 1 on First Production Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R


Official Job 1 on First Production Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R


By Evan J. Smith


Since 1965, Shelby Mustangs have played a key role in the history of the Ford Mustang. And today, Ford produced the very first production 2015 Ford Shelby GT350 and GT350R Mustangs, marking a return of the storied GT350. Our cameras were on hand as Chassis F0001 was driven off the Flat Rock, Michigan assembly line by Bill Ford Jr. This very Mustang, finished in white with blue stripes, will go to the high bidder from the Barrett-Jackson winter auction. Amazingly, the gavel fell at $1,000,000! More importantly, proceeds from the sale of the charity GT350R will benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). This marks the Ford Official Job 1 on First Production Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R




“This is a special day for all Mustang enthusiasts,” said Mr. Ford. “We have taken the GT350 formula to the next level of innovation, style and performance. Today the legend continues.”


Brothers Performance is excited about this landmark Mustang, and we can’t wait for enthusiasts to dig into the 5.2 liter Voodoo V8. Of course, at 526 horsepower, Ford has pushed the limits of engine development with high compression, big cams and rpm, as this baby spins past 8,000! But the aftermarket always packs surprises and we’re anxious to see how far this animal can be pushed. It’s only a matter of time before someone slaps turbos on there.




While a slew of prototype Shelby GT350s have been built in the last few months, today marks Job 1 and the actual start of the production models. This is a big day for an automaker, and it’s clearly a special one for Ford, as this is an icon in the making. The GT350 is slathered with so many features that are sure keep the Mustang ahead of the pack, including the flat-plane crankshaft, Magneride suspension, carbon-fiber wheels and the detail such as the amazing seats, sick sounding exhaust and all the electronic wizardry.


Along with 526 ground-pounding ponies, the GT350 has a sinister look, world-class handling, and we hear it’s already pounded the Z/28 into the ground with much quicker track numbers. As for quarter-mile times, we’re expecting to powershift our way to quick E.T’s once we get our hands on one. We’ve even heard the GT350R is as quick as a much more expensive Porsche GT3 around a road course.



The hype has certainly been built for Ford’s latest Mustang, and with the prestige and success of the original 1965 Shelby GT350, this model has big shoes to fill. Ford hit a home run with the 2005-2015 Shelby GT500, and we’re banking that the GT350 will share the same success. Check back next week as we share our first drive report and more details about the 2015/2016 Shelby GT350 and the GT350R.

Dodge Will Go Plum Crazy At The 2015 Woodward Dream Cruise

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Dodge Will Go Plum Crazy At The 2015 Woodward Dream Cruise

This weekend Dodge will be showing off some new 2016 Hellcat models at the 2015 Woodward Dream Cruise and reintroducing the plum crazy color to many Challenger and Charger models

To premiere and reintroduce this latest wild and crazy color for new models, The Dodge display at this world famous event in Detroit will be showing off their wild plumcrazy versions of the 2016 Dodge Challenger 392 Hemi Scat Pack Shaker and Charger R/T Scat Pack. This vibrant color originally debuted back in 1970, but Dodge has kept the lavender hue special in recent years by limiting the option to specific trims. It was last offered during the 2014 model year on R/T and SRT trims of the two vehicles.

Practically any buyer will be able to go Plum Crazy if they want. On the Challenger, the color will be available on the SXT Plus, R/T models, Hemi Scat Pack Shaker, SRT 392, and SRT Hellcat trims. The choices for the Charger will be similarly broad, including the SXT when ordered with 20-inch wheels, R/T versions, SRT 392, and SRT Hellcat.

Customers desperately wanting a vehicle in this insanely violet shade will be able to place their orders this September, and dealers will get the chance from October through the end of the year. Production of the lavender muscle cars will then start in November.

Dodge believes that limiting production on vibrant colors provides collectors more of an opportunity because of low volume production numbers on high-impact colors

Limited-edition models and limited-production paint colors add collectability, accounting for less than 11 percent of the entire global production of Dodge Charger and Challenger to date

“Powerful muscle cars painted in impactful colors make Woodward Dream Cruise the perfect setting for Dodge to debut the newest generation Challenger and Charger models in Plum Crazy,” said Tim Kuniskis, President and Chief Executive Officer – Dodge Brand and SRT Brand, FCA – North America. “And with our strongest muscle-car arsenal ever, we knew it was time to reach into our Dodge paint code archive and offer our high-performance R/T Scat Pack and SRT Hellcat models in one of the most iconic exterior colors of all time.”

Since 1970, Plum Crazy has been one of the most desired paint colors for the Dodge Challenger and Charger. Today, the enthusiast demand for this heritage hue is stronger than ever – as the signature paint color is directly associated with high collectability and the famed “Mopar-or-no-car” legacy. Add in the widest performance range ever for the 2016 Challenger and Charger, and there hasn’t been a better time to paint the Dodge brand’s iconic muscle car arsenal in the nostalgic color.

“From the aggressive and in-your-face styling of the SRT Hellcat models, the reverberating black stripes on our Shaker models, to the nostalgic dual A-line side stripes in satin black or gloss white on the R/T Classic model – Plum Crazy further builds on Dodge brand’s muscle-car roots and adds to Challenger and Charger’s vibrant legacy,” said Mark Trostle, Head of Dodge and SRT Design, FCA US LLC.

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Dodge Will Go Plum Crazy At The 2015 Woodward Dream Cruise-brothers_performance (4)



See the first ever released production numbers from Dodge below:

Dodge Charger Limited Edition Paint and Model Production (Global: 2006 to 2015MY)


2006MY Go ManGo PVE R/T Daytona 4,210
Top Banana PYH R/T Daytona 4,295
TorRed PR3 R/T Daytona 2,326
2007MY Plum Crazy PHG SRT8 300
Plum Crazy PHG R/T Daytona 1,520
Detonator Yellow PYB SRT8 1,000
Sublime PFB R/T Daytona 1,650
TorRed PR3 All 6,519
2008MY B5 Blue PQD SRT8 1,000
Hemi Orange PLC R/T Daytona 1,750
TorRed PR3 All 8,190
2009MY Hemi Orange PLC SRT8 Super Bee 425
TorRed PR3 All 4,516
2010MY TorRed PR3 All 6,030
2011MY Pitch Black PX8 Mopar ’11 1,500
Toxic Orange PVG All 5,205
2012MY Blue Streak PCL All 963
Stinger Yellow PYV SRT8 Super Bee 711
2013MY Daytona Blue PB6 R/T Daytona 1,229
Plum Crazy PHG SRT8 and SRT8 Super Bee 152
Hemi Orange PLC SRT8 and SRT8 Super Bee 48
Copperhead PLB SXT and R/T 728
TorRed PR3 All 667
2014MY Plum Crazy PHG R/T and SRT 658
Header Orange PL4 All 1,638
Header Orange PL4 SRT Super Bee 74
TorRed PR3 All 7,724
High Octane Red PRR 100th Anniversary Edition 1,490
2015MY** B5 Blue PQD SXT, R/T and SRT 2,978
TorRed PR3 SXT, R/T and SRT 2,272
Total Dodge Charger limited-edition models and paint colors 71,768
Dodge Challenger Limited Edition Paint and Model Production (Global: 2008 to 2015MY)
2008MY Hemi Orange PLC SRT8 4,092
2009MY Hemi Orange PLC R/T & SRT8 6,029
B5 Blue PQD R/T Classic & SRT8 1,419
TorRed PR3 All 4,677
2010MY Hemi Orange PLC R/T & SRT8 3,514
Plum Crazy PHG R/T Classic & SRT8 2,741
B5 Blue PQD R/T Classic & SRT8 2,031
Furious Fuchsia PHP R/T Classic & SRT8 1,527
Detonator Yellow PYB R/T Classic & SRT8 1,483
TorRed PR3 All 6,694
Brilliant Black PXR Mopar ’10 601
2011MY Deep Water Blue PBS SRT8 392 Inaugural Edition 863
Bright White PW7 SRT8 392 Inaugural Edition 731
Green with Envy PGE R/T Classic & SRT8 1,532
Toxic Orange PVG All 4,683
2012MY Header Orange PL4 SXT, R/T and SRT8 2,225
Blue Streak PCL All 2,154
Stinger Yellow PYV R/T Classic & SRT Superbee 1,819
2013MY Plum Crazy PHG R/T Classic & SRT 1,769
Hemi Orange PLC R/T & SRT 1,103
TorRed PR3 R/T & SRT 377
2014MY Plum Crazy PHG R/T Classic/Shaker & SRT 1,320
Header Orange PL4 All 3,178
High Octane Red PRR 100th Anniversary Edition 1,715
TorRed PR3 All 4,966
Pitch Black PX8 Mopar ’14 Shaker 60
Bright White PW7 Mopar ’14 Shaker 51
2015MY** Sublime PFB All 6,208
B5 Blue PQD All 3,152
TorRed PR3 All 6,747
Total Dodge Challenger limited-edition models and paint colors 79,461
** 2015 MY volume is actual built units thru 7/31/2015

Great Turnout For Camaro Fest 2015


Great Turn Out for Camaro fest 2015 brothers performance (3) Great Turnout For Camaro Fest 2015

The Camaro 5 Fest VI was held last weekend in Kentucky at the Beech Bend Raceway Park where Camaro owners from all over the United States gathered in their thousands to get an opportunity to socialize and participate in drag racing and auto cross events as well as show off their rides in the huge car shows that happened over the 3 day event.

The event kicked off on the Thursday at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports park where Camaro owners hit the track for some corner carving in some not so desirable damp and wet conditions, which kept speeds down and also lead to some small off track excursions on occasion.

Things dried out for Thursday’s big day at the Raceway Park where everyone showed off their best paint, trim and accessories in the car show and then owners and drivers showed their skills in the cone zone at the auto cross event and even put some rubber down on the Beech Bend drag strip later in the day.

Saturday saw everyone back at the Beech Bend Raceway for more “Camaro Cross” “Show & Shine Show” and drag racing. By all accounts this was a hugely successful event and was attended by thousands of owners and their cars – General Motors was also in attendance, exhibiting their new 2016 Camaro models along with some notable executives and Camaro personalities in attendance.

Judging by forum threads and social media the 2016 Camaro Fest VII is expected to return to Beech Bend again next year with an even larger crowd that will include new 2016 Camaro six owners, who will surely add an interesting mix to the track events.

We hope everyone who attended this year’s festivities had a great time – we will bring you more information about next year’s dates as soon as they are confirmed.

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Great Turn Out for Camaro fest 2015 brothers performance (1)

Great Turn Out for Camaro fest 2015 brothers performance (9)

Great Turn Out for Camaro fest 2015 brothers performance (2)

Great Turn Out for Camaro fest 2015 brothers performance (5)

Great Turn Out for Camaro fest 2015 brothers performance (4)

Great Turn Out for Camaro fest 2015 brothers performance (7)

Great Turn Out for Camaro fest 2015 brothers performance (8)

Brothers Performance Car Show October 17th 2015

dyno shoot out

Brothers Performance Car Show October 17th 2015


The nation’s largest late model performance center brings you:

Brothers Performance – Battle of the Brands!

Saturday October 17th 10am-4pm

Brothers Performance V=Battle Of The Brands October 17th 2015 Car Show

We would like to invite everyone out to our Deland facility for a fun event featuring music, food, cars and dyno runs. Since it’s getting later in the year it should be a little cooler this time around. So come on out with your family, friends and favorite ride to enjoy a day showing off and hanging out with fellow car enthusiasts. We will kick everything off as usual around 10am at our Showroom/Warehouse and Dyno facility location in Deland Florida, located between Orlando and Daytona off I4 @ SR44.

Paved parking spots are limited and will be filled in order of arrival.

Plenty of overflow parking spots will be available in the grass field adjacent to our parking lot.

Free Dyno Shootout

Highest Horsepower Naturally Aspirated Vehicle Receives a $500 Gift Certificate
Highest Horsepower Forced Induction Vehicle Receives a $500 Gift Certificate
(No Nitrous or slicks on dyno) 

Please note: Dyno Shootout slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Please arrive early.

Free Exhaust Sound Off Competition

Loudest Vehicle Receives a $250 Gift Certificate
(No open exhaust)
Signup form will be available the morning of the show.
Live DJ with raffle prizes and giveaways.

Food & refreshments will be available during the show hours

For more information please contact Brothers Performance at 800-486-2681 or stop by the Deland Store location at
3060 Performance Circle,
Deland FL 32724

Click Here For Map & Directions

New Shelby Mustang GT350R Billboard


New Shelby Mustang GT350R Billboard

Take a look at the very first Shelby GT350R Mustang billboard advertisement from Ford Performance and it is getting alot of attention – the Ford marketing team surely hit this one out of the park with some good humor that definately grabs your attention, joking about – “just let your kids pay for their own college” so you can buy your dream Mustang!  Judging by all the media coverage this billboard is getting accross the interent in the forums and all over social media, looks like this has paid for its self many times over. What we wonder is how many of them are there or is this just something they have decided to do in the Detroit area? Let us know in the comments if you know anything or have seen any other intersting billboards!