A Two Wheel Lap Around Laguna Seca Race Track In A Fox Body Mustang

We have raced our Brothers Performance race car at Laguna Seca in Monterey California a few times with NASA racing in American Iron and absolutely love the track with its elevation changes, great corners and straight a ways. After seeing this video we now have a new perspective, take a look at how James “Ski” Smith drives around the race track – No your eyes are not deceiving you he is attempting to take a hot lap around the track on two wheels – a never before attempted feat that was nearly accomplished but due to mechanical issues the attempt had to be put on hold for another race day! See James flip his Fox bodied Mustang up into a 2 wheeled SKI and tries to complete a lap, It takes a tremendous amount of skill to drive a car on two wheels for any length of time and to make it more difficult…Jamey has never been around the race course before the stunt. Watch the video to see what it’s like from on-board perspective like no other on board view you have seen before as we drive along with him in an attempt to make one lap on two wheels in a 85 fox body Mustang. Shame he doesn’t make it to the cork screw, that would have been interesting – ah I just went and spoiled it for you didn’t I – well the video is fun to watch – enjoy.