Win This Mustang Convertible From Brothers Performance – Watch The Video’s

Brothers Performance is giving away this great looking 1995 Ford Mustang Convertible that has got thousands of dollars of bolt on performance mustang parts on it. You can enter to win this car simply by requesting a copy of the all new Brothers Performance catalog –  Update Sept 15th b2012 – The winner was announced on face book last friday – This Car Has Been Given Away to our lucky winners – Larry & Maria Stafford from Tucson AZ – Congratulations 

The Car is Currently still undergoing  a complete build up and will be given away to one lucky winner on August 31st 2012 . The winner will be flown to our Temecula California location to attend our Fall Car Show & Dyno Event on Saturday September 15th 10am-4pm and be awarded the keys, pick up their prize and drive it home.




FREE Mustang Performance Catalog






















* Only one entry per person, per physical address, All entrants Must be legal US residents and reside in the 48 lower continental United States- Winner is responsible to pick up the car in Temecula CA – If car is not picked up within 60days – there will be a second drawing for a winner – Full details and rules may be obtained – Send SAE to Brothers Performance 27427 Bostik Court Temecula CA 92590.

  • Rafael J Rivera

    The demostrations were well put together, I wish I cud had a car like that but I be in Korea by then.

  • Richard Irish

    I want to win the cr.

  • http://brotersperformance gailand slayback

    really like the car great job i have a 1994 gt mustang that looks just like it all i need is a great tune up like that lol

  • andrew hodges

    Like that mustang!

  • Phillip Williams

    I have signed up and still have not received my catelog are they still being sent out

  • William Walsh

    Please send me a current catalog and put me in for the 1995 GT Mustang…Thanks

  • Tom McLean

    Looks great.

  • Bobby Higdon

    It would be awesome to win this 95 GT!! A few years I own a 95 GT coupe teal in color. I bought my parts from your company during the time I had the car. I sold the car to help pay for my college bill that had and still have. I miss my car dearly and it would be a dream come true to win this sharp 95 droptop.

  • pete ross

    looks like a very nice car

  • Bob Finklang

    Haven’t got my catalog

  • Robin

    love my 05 gt, bbk long tube headers , hypertech cold air intake, lowered coils with kyb shocks and flowmaster tail. Sounds and runs great planning my next upgrade don’t know yet

  • TonyTannahill


  • Kimberly Guenther

    The contest so far this year !!! wow what a dream

  • Jenny Hebert

    what a great way to start off the new year!


    love to win this car

  • Sjw

    What a beautiful car – would love to drive that this summer.

  • Barbara Butler

    i wanna win

  • kathy D.

    What a great excuse for a fly and drive road trip! My husband would flip! And yet anither excuse to enlarge our garage!

  • lonnie

    Man that is one wicked rides I hope i win thank you.

  • Cynthia Finan

    Love this Mustang! Have never been to California, and always dream of renting a convertable to drive Highway 1. If I win, that’s what I’ll do! it would be a dream come true!

  • cheryl cuccia

    AWESOME PRIZE would love it.

  • Mrstang1988

    I would love to win this car and give the keys to my son who will be driving just one week after the give-a-way!!!! Thatway we can enter car events together!!!!
    Bryan Merrill

  • Cboll1962

    who wouldn’t want this!!

  • Betty Shoemaker

    I have always wanted a mustang, please count me in.

  • Larry Joiner

    would be a great ride back to Iowa in this….

  • Cinemalover

    My dream car!

  • Vicki Ward

    My dream car!

  • Brian Wilson

    i had a 95 mustang gt,but due to the economy i lost my job and had to sell her.she was my dream car.i made a promise to my self that one day i would own another 95 will happen!!

  • jennifer fuller

    love it!

  • Jsizzle0504

    I love my PONY

  • Dianna

    wow what a great car would love to win so count me in

  • GMan

    Wow… great car, great opportunity! Thanks

  • Kathy Trammell

    Awesome!My husband and I dated and started our life together in a 67 mustang.It totally rocks to have an opportunity to win a Mustang!

  • Beverly

    Wow! This Mustand is Awesome with a capital A!!!

  • Mjenkins0071

    I want this car!!!

  • Cecil Young

    Enter: Thanks for a great opportunity. 10-4

  • Bruce Fontaine

    I need this to give to my son for his 1st car.

  • phillip hockenberry

    enter to win ,this is a bichen car.

  • Carmen Lebron

    This is a real beauty and would really love to win this prize..Kindly enter me to win
    Carmen Lebron

  • Karen Petersen

    If I won this Ford Mustang, I would drive it down to California and my son who is in the Marine Corps there and I would take in Sea World and a drive along the coast! Whooo! All of those winding, curving roads! HEE HAW! I’m down for that!

  • Dillon Clark

    please enter me to win this mustang. my family lives for mustangs and my lil brother just totaled his.

  • Ronald Vetzel

    I used to own a 1964 289 High Performance Mustang.I sold it when I got married.No more wife and no more Mustang.Boy did I get screwed..

  • Samuel Patterson


  • Kathleen C.

    The only way my husband will ever let me have a fun car is for someone to give it to me…..never mind he got his performance car before we had kids….. BTW, how many miles on it? And can I get fat stripes on down the center…….


    would love to drive it back to ohio

  • Pauline

    I used to own a 1965 Mustang. I still miss it!

  • Rosesweetums

    My 289 was in a 56 step-side, but that sure looks purdy.



  • todd

    Would love to join the Mustang Family the closet I’ve ever gotten was borrowing an ex-bosses 1964 convertable to attend prom night!! Still the thrill was the best!!!!!

  • Donna Bowers

    Would love to win this for my son who was paralyzed in a four wheeler accident. He is such a big Mustang fan, to ride in his own would be a dream come true!

  • karyn

    Would love to win!!!!! Dream car and trip!!!

  • Bruce Fontaine

    I got my catalog today. Looking forward to being flown to Temecula to pick up my Mustang….

  • Stephanie

    I always wanted a convertible Mustang to drive along the coast of California. Got married, had kids, etc. etc.
    Now I really appreciate the Mustang and always had a boyfriend or two that owned one. So I had the pleasure of riding in the Mustang…..just not owning one. I will drive up and down the Pacific Coast Highway all the way up to San Francisco if I win

  • yolanda

    i’d like to enter to get that horse power!

  • jay tei

    i hope I win

  • Gmbriggs

    I would love to own this car!

  • Brutorious

    i would love to add a convertible to my collection. 94gt, 95gt convertible, n a 96gt sounds pretty sweet to me.

  • Mattsmopar67

    Why did I get an email in august for a drawing that has already happened in march?

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