Mustang Tire Explodes On The Dyno

Mustang Tire Explodes On The Dyno

We have dyno tested and tuned hundreds of cars at the Brothers Performance Deland facility and we have to admit to an occasional oil spill here and there and a radiator hose burst once or twice – but we have never seen anything like a tire exploding on the dyno!

That’s because we inspect all cars before we test them – we inspect everything under the hood to make sure it is in tip top shape and that includes all belts, hoses and a check for any fluid leaks beforehand.

Probably one of the most important checks we make are the tires – we check for any nails, screws or debris but the most critical are the tire’s speed rating!

We require all high performance cars to have a minimum of a ZR rating which is a tire rated to go to 149mph before we will dyno a car here at Brothers Performance.

When a car is on the dyno, most high cars will hit 150mph very quickly and if the tires are not properly rated then there will be a price to pay – damage to the car and possible injury.

In this video you will see what happens when a tire fails due to prolonged speed on a dyno probably in excess of 160MPH – this is was an expensive dyno test – something we hope to never see at our chassis dyno and installation center here in Deland

This clip from 1320video shows, right around the 35-second mark, the tire goes boom, and takes out most of the rear clip in the process.

The bumper is trashed, and the rim is ready to be scrapped, and the mangled metal inside the wheel well shows just how destructive tire rubber can be. Given there didn’t seem to be any safety precautions in place here, it’s a good thing nobody was hurt when it popped.


2011, 2012 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L Short Tuned Length Exhaust Headers & After Cat X Pipe – Installation & Dyno Test Video

Looking to install some performance headers on your new 2011, 2012 Ford Mustang GT – Then Watch this very detailed and informative Installation and dyno test Video. BBK R&D Tech Brian Rogers shows you the necessary steps to install a set of BBK Performance 2011, 2012 Ford Mustang GT Tuned Mid Length Headers and After Cat X Pipe
These Headers are as always direct bolt on and do not require any modifications. At the end of the video they will show the dyno test results. Add a BBK throttle body and a performance cold air kit and you will really feel an even bigger difference.

The Parts used in this video are as follows:

BBK 2011,2012 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L Shorty Tuned Length Headers – Chrome – Part # BBK-1632

BBK 2011,2012 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L Shorty Tuned Length Headers – Chrome – Part # BBK-16320

BBK Performance 2011, 2012 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 50 state legal after cat X Pipe Part # BBK-1460








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