2015 Mustang GT Castrol Oil Commercial


2015 Mustang GT Castrol Oil Commercial

Take a look at this new Castrol Edge commercial that features a 2015 Roush Stage 3 Mustang in its Castrol Oil “Titanium Strong Virtual Drift.” livery.

The driver is Matt Powers who was commissioned to drive this RS3 Mustang on a closed course with a specially designed virtual reality helmet that simulated a virtual world.

As you will see he puts this very real Mustang through its paces drifting and power sliding all over the track which appears to be the old Marine Corps station base in Orange County, California.

The old El Torro air base features expansive runways, hangars, roads and buildings which have been used for a wide variety of events, filming and other activities since 2002 when it closed as a marine base.

This place has over eight million square feet of runways available, and has been used for vintage auto racing and filming numerous television shows, commercials and movies as well as car club events, driving schools, vehicle testing and corporate events.

Looks like a fun place to take a new 2015 Mustang GT out for some fun driving to us – what do you think?


March 9th 1964 The First Mustang Ever Was Born, Watch The First Ever Commercial Here + Fun Facts

Today in History – March 9, 1964 – First Ford Mustang rolls off assembly line. Ford sold 22,000 of the sporty car on the first day of sales in April 1965. The Mustang was one of the most successful product launches in automotive history with over one million units sold in its first 18 months. The craze continues today as new models capture America’s youthful spirit.

The very first Mustang – the 1962 Mustang I Concept – made its debut in October 1962, and its name was a tribute to the legendary North American P51 Mustang fighter plane from World War II. The first regular production Mustang that rolled off the assembly line on March 9, 1964 was a Wimbledon White convertible with a 260-cubic inch V-8. Mustang is currently at its fifth generation since 2005.

The birth of Mustang
The ford company was experiencing a downswing in 1964. Chevrolet Corvair Monza had pulled ahead in sales even though Ford Falcon had had good sales in years past. Lee Iacocca, Ford Division general manager at that time, came up with the idea of creating a car that could be designed by the people. Though initially rejected, he eventually talked management into going along with this plan. In order to keep the development costs down, the new vehicle used as many parts from existing Ford car models as possible. The chassis, suspension and drive train components were inherited from the Ford Falcon and Fairlane. The car had a unitized platform-type frame, which was taken from the 1964 Falcon, and welded box-section side rails, including welded cross members. The durability problems with the new frame led to the unusual step of engineering the convertible first. The resulting new Ford automobile is a two-seater convertible – known as Mustang.

Some fun facts and stories:

While the first Mustang was on a promotional tour of Canada, a Ford dealer in St. Johns, Newfoundland ‘mistakenl’ sold the car to Caption Stanley Tucker, a pilot with Eastern Provincial Airlines. Ford reacquired the car from Capt. Tucker in 1966 in exchange for Mustang number 1,000,001, and the original car is now on display at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich.
Mustang sales reached the one million-mark in 1966. To-date, more than eight million have been sold, and it has been the best-selling sports car for 17 years straight years.
Mustang was the first, and perhaps only, car to park on the 86th floor observation deck of New York’s Empire State Building. In October 1965, Ford engineers disassembled a 1966 Mustang convertible and took it up in four sections using the building’s passenger elevators.
The Ford Mustang SSP (Special Service Package) was a lightweight police car package based on the Ford Mustang produced between 1982-1993, and was meant to provide a speedier option for police departments. The SSP was a special Foxbody Mustang trim made exclusively for law enforcement use.
Mustangs have figured prominently in the movies, including the James Bond films “Goldfinger” and “Diamonds are Forever” staring Sean Connery, “Bullitt” starring Steve McQueen, and “Gone in 60 Seconds” (both the original 1974 film and the 2000 remake starring Nicholas Cage).
Mustang recently made its appearance as new avatar of KITT, a car with the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies, in the short TV movie “Knight Rider” premiered on 17 February, 2008 on NBC. This movie was a story continued from the popular TV series “Knight Rider” from 1982 staring David Hasselhoff. The car used in the 1982 series was a Pontiac Firebird.

Great New Ford Mustang 2013 Mustang Commercial Shows How The New Mustang Customizer Works

Take a look at the ALL new 2013 Ford Mustang Commercial here – it is truly a break through commercial and shows off the many ways that you can use the all new 2013 Mustang customizer – if you have not visited the 2013 Ford Mustang Customizer take a look at it Here, The release of the commercial today is perfect timing to attempt to capture social media attention during the Daytona 500 this Sunday. “We know that Mustang owners are incredibly passionate about their car,” said Matt VanDyke, director of U.S. Marketing Communications. “Rather than just show features and benefits, our new ad demonstrates how people see the product as an extension of who they are. We believe that everyone has an inner Mustang just waiting to be unleashed.” “This ad was created to work in tandem with the success of our Mustang Customizer and downloadable app, which allows anyone to create their very own Mustang, selecting colors, accessories and decals to complement the amazing design,” said Lee Jelenic, Ford Car Marketing Communications manager. “Mustang owners are unique, independent, and like their cars to reflect their personalities. The Customizer site and this spot pay homage to that.” “These results confirm the potential we saw in developing a social platform that lets Mustang owners have fun with the brand, interact and share,” said Scott Kelly, Ford Digital Marketing manage. What do you think about the new commercial – leave us you comments please – we would love to hear your thoughts.