Nitrous Bottle Explodes, A New Mustang Owner Learns A Hard Lesson

This new Mustang owner learned a hard lesson yesterday, he found out what happens when you leave a high pressure tank filled with Nitrous oxide in your car on a HOT summers day with out a safety relief pressure relief valve or burst disc on it. The Midland Texas neighbour hood was shaken on wednesday afternoon June 27th 2013 when suddenly the car exploded after the owner had left nitrous oxide hooked up and the heat caused the bottled gas to blow. The car was ripped apart and completely totaled and damage was caused to the nearby parked par in the driveway as well as the roof of the house. We’re told the front windshield blew onto the roof and pieces of the vehicle could be found three houses down. The recently bought vehicle is a total loss. Fortunately, no one was hurt but the owner cannot claim insurance
nitrous mustang explodes
The NMRA released this public Safety Announcement shortly afterwards: Please do not leave any nitrous bottles in your car during these extremely hot days. A racer safety relief valve AKA a burst disc cost about 2 cents would have prevented this disaster from happening. The safety pop-off valve would have ventilated the bottle instead of it popping from extreme bottle pressure. The summer heat is not only taking a toll on our electricity. It also took a toll on someone’s prized possession.
Look what happens when nitrous explodes in your upper intake on the race track – Oh and here is the link to all of our Nitrous oxide products – if used correctly it is completely safe – be sure to install as per manufacturers instructions – always remember to purge and install a safety relief valve on the bottle !